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puerto pollensa
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I`m here! It`s about 6 years since we visited my favourite place but we had 7 glorious holidays there when my daughter was growing up. She went last year and tells me it hasn`t changed much just got a bit bigger and a bit more commercialised. Some of the info i have may be out of date. I don`t remember any accessible taxis around PP. The taxi rank is near the harbour. I didn`t need an accessible one, just one that would accomodate my folding chair in the boot. There was a lovely old driver who had a big white merc and we always looked for him. He was always cheerful and spoke good English. They have the prices on a board. It only takes about 5-10 mins to get to Alcudia by cab. Walking there was problem at the time because there were a few busy roads without pavements. That might have changed now. One of the main reasons we went year after year was that the restaurants were so easy to access. Tango was a favourite, good food and entertainment. Around the main square all the restaurants have outside eating areas. I`m afraid my memory is not great (it`s an old lady problem) so i can`t remember a lot of the names. You will be spoilt for choice all along the paseo and beautiful pine walk it is lined with restaurants. The one which is my all time favourite anywhere is The Ivy Garden, a bit pricey but fab. It is in the back street near the Post Office. It has step down into it but then its flat and the restaurant is in an enclosed courtyard. Oh I wish was there now! You will have a great time. Let me know if there is anything else you want to know. :)
Thanks for that Jax, i knew you would give me some ideas. We have been going to Tenerife since hubby went into a chair but we fancied a change this year. As long as we have somewhere to eat and can amble about afterward we will be happy. I will make a note of the places you suggested and let you know how we get on.Six weeks and counting.
Hubby reminded me of another lovely restaurant we liked so much we went back three times on our last visit. La Goleta. It`s on the seafront as you walk away from the harbour in the opposite direction to the pine walk, on the corner of the first turning to the right. It`s only small but the food was superb and the owner is really friendly. We have tried many places since our last holiday to Pollensa and to me nothing comes close. We are trying Cattolica in Italy for the first time this year. Have a great time! I`m looking forward to finding out how you liked it.
Thanks for tha Jax. I will add it to my ever growing list of places to visit. I will keep you posted about how we get on. I know i can rely on you to give me some info. :wave:
Just wondering how you got on in Puerto Pollensa? We're looking for a new place to try, specifically where would be the best place to stay in or very near to the town and beach? My husband walks with crutches so he can get about a bit but tires easily. We'd prefer flat terrain with safe paths/roads and a hotel without lots of steps etc.
Or any other suggestions for places that are manageable. We're 40/50 age group and still interested in a bit of nightlife too.
Just got back and had a great time. Puerto Pollensa was really busy. It is not a place for lively entertainment, although we did find a few bars with singers on. It is a very family orientated place with kids everywhere, not that im complaining. We went when the festivals were on so it was quite nice to see some of the things going on in the square. It has many different things to do.The pinewalk area was great, although a bit bumpy if you are in a wheelchair or struggle to walk, but it is worth the effort. The restuarants are spread out all along the seafront and some of the streets behind. Its well worth having a stroll around to suss out the area. The only problem i would say you may have are some of the kerbs are a bit high but we got around that by staying on the road. We had a great time and have already booked to go next year. Jax, i would get yourself back there to see what you are missing :)
I`m so glad you enjoyed it. If you can go out of school holidays it is much quieter. We will go back someday. We have just had 2 weeks in Italy, which was full of children but a very disabled friendly resort with a great accessible beach. I am now counting down to our first cruise next month. We are having a busy year! :)
Hi Jax, Glad you had a great time. Could you give me some info on cruises, are they accessible for wheelchair users. My daughter is pestering me to go on one but I am a bit reluctant because I am wary of getting on and off the boat at the port.
Hi Pat, I will let you have all the info on the cruise as soon as we get back next month. From everything I have researched I don`t expect any problems. The ideal cruise is one with as few tendered ports as possible. Getting on and off if the ship is docked is apparantly very easy. The problem can be if the ship anchors away from the port and you have to use the tender. We are doing a Royal Caribbean cruise and from what I have heard they are one of the most helpful for getting you onto a tender. We have only one tendered port so I will wait and see. I have found the Disabled forum on http://www.cruisecritic.co.uk to be very informative.
Thanks Jax, I have had a quick look it seems to give a lot of good info. Enjoy your trip and let me know how things went. :wave:
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