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Hi Kayceelou,

The last four years of flying with various airlines they have never included the pushchair in the luggage allowance. Last year we kept hold of the pushchair right up to going onto the plane.
We too have always manage to keep the pushchair up until the bottom of the steps.
No problem what so ever apart from Cardiff Airport who didn't seem keen :roll:
It never been included in our allowances and has been very handy for hanging bags on!

I am not sure if all airlines are the same but from my experiences they do not include the pushchair in the baggage allowance. If you ask to take the pushchair right up to the plane they will put it on last and at the other end you will get it out first. Bring it right up to the door of plane they will ask for it at that point.

With most airlines they will let you keep the buggy up to the plane door, then just take it off you as you are boarding, but it doesn't always come off first. Everytime I have been on holiday the buggy's have always been the last thing to come off the carousel.

I have never had any trouble in taking a pushchair to the doors of the plane , and 2 of my children have cases of their own ,and we have never included the pushchair in the allowance.

Pushchairs are usually exempt from being part of your luggage allowance so you should be okay.

We always take our buggy to the aircraft steps (in case of delays) and just collect it from the carousel in baggage reclaim (and it's usually the last thing on the carousel (first off the plane and all that)
Not sue which Uk airport your using but when we returned to Birmingham the buggies arrived on a different belt!
I think it was the odd shaped stuff belt! :lol:
ok, thanx for all your help, cant wait to go.
nicola i can relate to that :lol: when we returned from the algarve at birmingham we waited for ages at the belt for the buggy, after complaining to the staff my buggy hadnt come through we were told that the buggy had been on the belt behind us, :whoops and also that it was the first thing to be off loaded :lol: :lol:

fizz xx
It wasn't just our flight then :roll:
We had waited till the same case was going round on it's own.
When we got to the belt that the buggies were on it was also full of tables, bongos etc
A flight had come in from the middle east and it was pandamonium, they had bought everything over including the kitchen sink!

kayceelou have a nice holiday!
When you check in, tell them you want to keep the buggy till the last minute and it'll have to have a luggage label on it.
Our buggies have only once got slightly damaged ( hood got squashed) and that was coming back to BMX ~ must have been those bongos :lol:
ok thanx ( i havent enough luggage labels :? )
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