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Only every seen a roach once in Malta and that was on the patio of an apartment we were renting.

Also never get bitten by mosquitos as i usualy do in Cyprus and Greece. Apparently this is becaise there is no running water (ie rivers) on Malta
some people get their house fumigated once a year against things like cockroaches - I've not had to do it, but told its effective.

As for mosquitos, they are here, but small - a ceiling fan is good enough to stop them, as they get blown away ! Its not running water but stagnent water thats the problem, so sometimes pools if they are left for a long time without chemicals can be a breeding ground, but they are not more than an occasional minor iritation in my experience
Hi Powdie,

Nil panicus!! I've been visiting Malta for over 20 years and have stayed in all kinds of accomodation but have never been troubled with roaches. I've had problems with them in other Med Countries but not in Malta!

I guess they must have roaches in some properties on the Island but it's not something that I've heard people gripe about. By the way, though not common here, roaches can infest houses in the UK and I can remember a few years ago considering buying an 'investment' house but was put off when I realised it was absolutely infested!

I've never ever had any problem with mozzies in Malta either. In fact I never take any mozzie repellents of any kind because I've found it unnecessary to do so!

If I were you I'd put this problem to the back of your mind, go to Malta and have a great time,

Thks for your replies but I'm not talking the odd roach here, and whilst we didn't see them in our room, we had to walk through them to get out anywhere, and they used to hose them away in a morning from round the pool area. Mossies don't worry me at all they eat me alive in Scotland. powdie
I have not seen any either but I'm sure there will be some! What I do remember though is around twenty years ago whilst holidaying in Spain there was a plague of them that suddenly appeared after a storm. I guess every now and then they raise their ugly heads.
Hi all, I can honestly say that in 12 visits to Malta we have seen maybe a few roaches, but in June, September, & December last year I was eaten alive by mozzies in Sliema but never before those 3 visits, Mrs Sliema2 was fine but for some reason they went for me even though I consume enough garlic to fend off 1000 vampires, in fact any views on why mozzies go for certain people would be received with interest.

Hello Sliema 2,
Mozzies are supposed to prefer females rather than males to feast upon, it's something like the skin on females being thinner? and so they pick up the scent of blood easier than they can on males. I think! :?
We have visited Malta only once, also stay in the St. Juliens bay area, and did not like it, and althought our hotel was very bad with a dirty bedroom and lifts we did not see any Mozzies or cockroaches think it was Feb/March when we went. so maybe too early for them who knows.
Hi Sliema2,

I don't want to be personal but do you particularly get bitten by mozzies on your your ankles and feet during the night? That's where I've been attacked in the past and it may be something therefore to do with 'smell' and though I don't have sweaty feet it's possible that they home in on some kind of odour us blokes emit, because when we were in Crete, although my feet were bitten to death, my wife had some bites but not like me!

I have to say that you've spooked me because I was beginning to think that Malta was mozzie free but I'll certainly be taking the mozzie zapper with me when we go in August.

One year when we were there for a Summer hol. I spoke to a man who complained about being bitten by mozzies but when I looked at the bites I think they were more like flea bites!!! I never asked him where he was staying, - but it was a long time ago,

Hello Trev,
The mozzies in Malta are definately smaller than those that you find in Spain and the bites that looked like flea bites were no doubt caused by the little Mozzies. Some people react badly to the bites as does my Nicky but we have noticed that her reaction to them is not as bad as the bites she gets in Spain.

Take some reppellent with you and spray your ankles before you go out at dusk.
Hi Trevor, the bites I receive are always on my arms, wrists or on my face or forehead, in September I had three in a row right across my forehead and I looked like Vivian off the Young Ones, never had them around my feet or ankles though but that does sound nasty, but I am very happy to report that I don't suffer from sweaty feet or ankles so this is maybe why.

Best wishes from an extremely fragrant :) :wink:
Interesting points on the mozzies there, ranging from 'no mozzies' to small and plentiful.

The ONLY time that I have ever been bothered by mozzies, was in Malta.
So much so that I have warned my wife, (who is a mozzie magnet) to prepare well for our visit in May.

My first time there was in the September, so maybe it was a time of year thing.

In truth though, you've not been 'eaten alive' until you visit Scotland in May/June. I got out of the car by Loch Lomond to ask for directions. I didn't hear anything, nor did I see anything, but suddenly I was under attack, and there must have been hundreds of the blighters!
I've never got into a car so quickly.

Of course it was only after this encounter that I noticed the camp sites were selling midge nets, even full head gear was available for hire!
As I said before I have never been bitten in Malta and have visited in nearly every month of the year.

Have had a few bites in Cyprus and Greece but the worst ever was Scotland.

I had never thought about being bitten but on my return a colleague said it was Scotland's best kept secret.
As I had said before we did not suffer from mozziis in Malta but I do in Greece which is where I love (NOt everwhere just certain parts) but my husband dos'et he says it's because he's a smoker only 6 home rolled a day and I'm a none smoker if hts the case will have to sit nearer to him if it's going to eleviate me and wont be that much of a problem after 47 years togethe
Am I missing something here?. :?

Tony you started by saying that " the ONLY time that I have ever been bothered by mozzies, was in Malta".

You then go on to talk about your mozzie experience in Scotland :?

Anywhere especially in the Med' area. At certain times of the year and dependent on the local council spraying breeding areas, there will always be a problem. It's just pot luck if you happen to be there at that time.

Here in the UK we have become accustomed to the local mozzie bites. Like the locals in other countries have themselves.

Just take precautions and there should be no problemo!
Tony you started by saying that " the ONLY time that I have ever been bothered by mozzies, was in Malta".

You then go on to talk about your mozzie experience in Scotland
Ahhh yes but they were midges in Scotland. And of course I meant whilst abroad (although I accept that I didn't say so :wink: ) And then again there's the horsefly (first encounter in Scotland also) now you don't want too many of THOSE buggers biting you, that stings like a box jellyfish!

I have been chewed by mozzies, especially in the Greek Islands, but have never really noticed (small red lump) so it's not bothered me in the way that they bother a lot of people, whereas my wife looks like she might erupt after 2 days there. Nasty looking weepy sores that itch like buggery and cause her much discomfort.
Still, it adds to the pleasure of my holiday . . . :wink:
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