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Loved your site ardwyn.

I have never been to Samos but looking at your pictures (and listening to the zorba bouzouki music) has definately made me decide to go.

kokkari looks stunning :wow

Thank for that.

ardwyn great site makes me want to jump on a plane and go today, unfortunately she`s talked me into going to Corfu this year.
like the music as well, will look out some photo`s for you if you want them 8)
Thankyou very much for such positive response, gives me the incentive to create the other pages into a full site.

Yes please Borismab, all photos gratefully received.

Working on a Rhodes page now, but when I had the new computer I had to save the photos quickly and only burned them to 1 dvd and it was corrupt so only managed to save a few. :cry:

So that's a bit of advice to everyone, save your photos to more than 1 dvd, I certainly will from now on!
Loved your site ardwyn. We are going back to Parga in August (for the third time) but after looking at your site might try and get a week in May/June to Samos. Have you been to Parga?
Never been to Parga but no doubt will get round to it. Off to Kefalonia the end of June.

I ought to speak to the Samos Tourist Office to get a commision! :lol:
Great photos Ardwyn. We stayed in Kokkari in 1995, so they brought back some good memories - especially the ones of the harbour at night - wonderful!
You will love Kefalonia. Before we discovered Parga it was our favourite Greek destination. :D

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