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What are property prices like in Samos compared to Kusadasi? I know that Greece is the home of the 100 year mortgage which allows families to buy property even on modest incomes so tje prices become inflated. I would consider buying in Samos if the right property came up ay the right price.

It took me 3 holidays to find the best and cheapest way to buy a house.

General rules.

Stay away from estate agents, they are very profesional, but you will pay up to 3 times the price it should be.

Find a Greek friend who will act as an interpriter

Inland towns ( say half a mile ) from the sea are much cheaper.

Do lots of walking and talking to find a house for sale, a piece of paper with what you want to say in Greek, helps a lot.

I found a run down old house 3 levels, with the top level having great views for 27,000 euros, I will need approx 15,000 to finish.

sorry for any spelling misstakes

missed out on being a grammer school grub
You appear to have found yourself a bargain. I looked at buying in Greece before buying in Turkey as the prices in Greece were horrendous. I take on board what you say about estate agents. I will be visiting Samos in July when I am next in Kusadasi. I look out to Samos from my bedroom in Kusadasi Is the cost of living higher in Samos than Kus'? It is a place I would consider retiring to ever since reading the Sword and the Scimitar.
Incidentally I haven't heard the expression Grammar Grub for about 35 years. As an ex Grammar Grub who lived on the same street as the local Secondary Modern I heard it constantly when I had to run the gauntlet when going home. School-days, best years of your life if you happen to be a masochist. (Note spellings are correct having had spelling drummed in for 7 years! Detention consisited of writing out spelling rules)
Samos is beautiful I am keen to buy my wife an apartment in Samos if anyone can help me or direct me. We had wonderful hols some time back and it would be the perfect gift for her.


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