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Shark Attack
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Crikey ! i didnt know there are sharks in those waters :yikes
phyll wrote:
Crikey ! i didnt know there are sharks in those waters

There are sharks everywhere! There's quite a lot around the British shores, we're surrounded by them. The attacks were beleived to have been by (an) Oceanic White-tip shark which are rarely seen in inshore waters and I can only think of a few other examples of them doing this before so it's pretty rare. I like how the authorities have said they're trying to catch it and take it offshore, almost Jaws-esque. It's their because it's where it lives, in the sea! We are invading the sharks terratory, not the other way around! Lets wish those injured a speedy recovery and normality resumes soon. In the mean time, wheres that suitcase and diving cameras, I quite like diving with sharks!

:think Michelle (Derwentrocker) mentioned something about this yesterday
All evacuated from the sea. Sharks in the area, great!
oh to think i was in the water in egypt, im scared of bloody fish as one bit my toe and it balloned up to the size of a melon, had to have a few injections while i was other there, and it was very painful turned and black and hubbie thought i was going to lose the toe but it cleared up thank god. < makes mental note to myself stay out of egypt water > :)
we are going on a liveaboard dive holiday next week....hope to see a few myself.

I did read on a Dive forum we belong to that it is 3 Russians attacked and there are also allegations that Russian divers have been feeding sharks which has led them to come further in towards the shore.

I too wish everyone a speedy recovery..but also I want the ban lifted so i can actually get the holiday I have paid for!
are you crazy your like my x soninlaw, he even went somewere were you could go in a steel cage to see them , pity tho they didnt attack him. tammie
you have been watching too many films!

I would not go in a steel cage to feed is things like that that cause the problems ( only in my opinion of course)
I would much rather see them swimming free in their own environment..and of course, there are more types than the white tips...

I have only ever been lucky enough to swim with 2..a bamboo shark and a leopard shark..both in Thailand..but I have seen them in Egypt,..just not up close and personal...
Justval wrote:
I would much rather see them swimming free in their own environment..and of course, there are more types than the white tips


tammie52 wrote:
are you crazy your like my x soninlaw
Filming Ragged Tooth Sand Tigers (it's a bit bigger than me!)

Apart from an odd species, sharks are pussycats.

Hi guys, still not allowed in the sea untill further notice. Closed as a precaution, news in the arabic newspaper said 4 people have been hurt. Three russians and another who is ukrainian. They are all in cairo hospital. One has arm severed and one the leg. All were snorkling. If diving they would have possibly stood a chance. Normally they are friendly, ministry of tourism have stated that because they were snorkling the white tip doesnt like anyone above them. Any sudden movements or fear, they can pick up the scent. I was told it came into shallowish waters near coral sea and was on the route of naama bay where we are. Sam and i were in the water as we all got told to get out. We were very afraid as we too as well as hundreds of others.

All the injured ones are still in hospital and were all separate incidents. Sea will stay closed for the forseeable future because mot state there maybe more than one!

All diving here has been suspended.

They have caught one shark and taken it as far as possible then releasing it.

This is as much of an update i can give you.

Michelle x
only pool for me next week, as long as flight off ok from Teesside
Thanks you know how far the diving ban is extended? We will not be in the Naama bay area but we will get over that side of the red sea as Ras Mo is that end and there are some famous reefs we like to explore...

surely it cant be the whole of the red sea.... :que
they have caught one shark and have taked it as far as possuble

This is pointless. Too many Jaws films have been watched!

What a fantastic picture Darren. :tup

Would love to be able to see something like that close up.

Hope it gets sorted Val, so that you manage to get the holiday you have booked. I would have been like Michelle, out of that water before you could say shark, I am such a wimp. It is a bit scary as I waded out a really long way in the sea near the coral sea resort as the sea is so shallow there you have to go out for ages to see anything. :really
Booked for sharks bay next year, so I guess its in the name. :duh
Yes all the sea was closed but good news beaches and sea all open but we are not allowed too far. We walked down to the hilton fayrous on the promenade today and in place a notice said no swimming in deep water as more sharks may come in. That said, divers were out in full force. Sharks seem to be fine with divers but the russians were feeding normal fish and the shark came in allegedly. Flights coming in normal now with the uk bad weather. Tried to walk to the stella di mare to check out for next year but to far. I have a managers meeting tomorrow morning. I will have lots to report after 3 weeks at the sonesta. Was going to oonas for week three but will do a write up when i get back monday. So basically no worries for your diving. See you soon

Michelle xx
Thanks Michelle..just hearing the headline breaking news now..German tourist killed in shark attack at Sharm..

I guess the ban will be re-imposed.

makes me wonder what the chuff is going is so rare for sharks to attack like this....

will there now be a sea wide ban on diving????
Justval wrote:
German tourist killed in shark attack at Sharm..
When was this Val :yikes
My next door neighbours are in Sharm at the moment, hope they are OK.The odds that it's one of them of course are very low but I can't help wonder.
having seen some video footage of one that was caught the other day, they are almost adult white tips looking at them..but they are young adults.

I am still confused as to why this is happening..either there is a shortage of food out in the deep or they have been encouraged to come nearer to shore ( ie: if the russians have been feeding them) or as they are young adults..they are simply off course?

Catching it and taking it back out to the deep will mean will not make one squat of difference...

How very unfortunate for the German tourist..and bad for Egypt as a whole....

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