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Hi Mari
It was filmed at Mykonos : the actual hotel that was used was "Manoulas Beach Hotel at Agia Yiannis.
If you visit the bar they have numerous photos on display that were taken during the filming
Thanks guys i'm gonna seriuosly consider going there on my next hols wonder if it is more expensive than other islands though.
Its certainly the most expensive island we've been to (out of around 15) but we did stay in Mykonos town. Other resorts may be cheaper.
I'm afraid there are a lot of errors in that film, The ferry concerned was the 'Ios Express' re-named the 'Mykonos Express' a legendary dreadfully slow ferry, now thankfully not running. The first and last time I boarded that ferry, it took 1 hour to dock at the quay in Mykonos harbour due to the meltemi wind springing up.
That film:
She took a flight to Mykonos then the ferry to Mykonos (uh...). The beach where she had a 'meaningful relationship' with the 'Greek' fisherperson on a boat was just off a cove just to the west of Elia beach. Another error was walking out of a taverna in Mykonos town and instantly transported to Ag Yiannis which is a few miles away, just ridiculous.

You should note that Mykonos island is very expensive, gay, and posey.
As mentioned Mykonos does have it's own airport and you can fly direct from the UK (though it did used to be ferry).
My parents stayed a couple of years ago and they went for the same reason (they'd loved it on Shirley Valentine). They said it was very expensive in Myknonos Town but it was cheaper out of town. Apparently restaurant prices were not too bad but visit a bar and you're talking 7 euros a drink! Mykonos Town as previously mentioned is very popular with the gay crowd but my parents weren't bothered about this and made some good friends.
If it's the look of the town you like it might be worth trying Lindos on Rhodes (one of my favourites). Most people i know who've visited both say they're very similar but Lindos (though expensive for Rhodes) is much more affordable, no more than UK prices for a night out.
Shirley Valentine was a fictional film NOT a factual tour of Mykonos so i dont think the errors in the film were that important but it was an excellent story and so entertaining on those dark winter nights... VIVVIAAN..
We stayed at the Rochari Studios just outside Mykonos. The studios lookonto the Shirley Valentine Beach. We spent our 30th wedding anniversary there. We loved the Island and yes it is the Gay capitial of Greece. but great if you like people watching. The studios are brilliant and cannot wait to go back again. Bus for Mykonos stops right outside. also between the studios and Mykonos is a villiage called Ornos with a lovely bread and cake shop and also a supermarket. anyway hope this helps. :D
The film was shot around 1988-89. The ship would have sailed from Piraeus, via Syros to the island of Mykonos where most of the action takes place. The Ios Express may have been an invented name because there is no reference in all my work on Greek Ferries that bares that name. Probably just for the film. Today the ships traveling to the Cyclades are enormous car ferries holding thousands of people.

Mykonos is considerably changed, but the lure of the Islands continues, and you can find smaller or more remote islands that have a similar character to the one seen in the film.

Chris- Orlando Florida
Hi Chris
I am returning to the Greek islands after a break of a considerable amount of time. The last time I was there the drachma was being used. We are going to Zakynthos this summer. I am hoping I am not disappointed with the changes there are.
I am intrigued to find out which islands you would recommend now.
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