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Hi this topic has been mentioned on another forum, haven't really read it though but if you click on the link below it will give you some idea.
try the "seach" button on both forums as well. i am sure that one of the members will be able to give you more info.

ok this is how it works.
1st keep an address and sky account registered in the UK.
2nd.Bring your card and receiver with you in your suitcase.
3rd buy a 3 meter dish and get installed.
4th sit back and watch all the programmes.
WARNING---- it is illegal to watch sky in another country and if they find out they will disable your card. 8)
But I don't think SKY are that bothered unless you're really obvious, because when I rang up to cancel my subscription and gave moving to Spain as the reason for cancellation, the girl said that if I decided I needed to reactivate my account to give them a ring!


Not sure if it will be the same in Turkey, but if you remove your Sky card here in the UK you can still receive BBC and a few others like euro News

the big issue is that you need a 3 meter dish to receive the free channels. once you have this you can do what you like. In answer to crtinson I tried to get a pay per view football channel and they stopped my card. Some officious gitbag got all stroppy at the very thought me watching in a foreign country.
I personally don't mind watching digiturk, after all in summer months how much tv will you really watch?
You can bring your sky box over and keep it registered in England you still have to pay the monthly price. As Chelsea boy said you have to buy a 3 metre dish in order to receive the channels which can be quite expensive. I must say this dish is an eyesore!
Im more than happy with Digiturk. I've got BBC Prime for Eastenders etc plus BBC World news and Euronews.
The turkish channel NTV shows quite a few premier league matches live without you having to pay extra.
The movie channels are great as they have dual language settings. You can listen to them in english or turkish.

Chelsea boy
How much approx is a 3 metre dish - Would like to have sky in my apart in Marmaris - But its in a block of 6 mine being the ground floor - Where would i puy the dish - In the garden or on top of the apart block??


The dish is far to beig to go on the roof so it will have to stand in the garden i'm afraid. I'm not 100% sure on the price but a friend of mine bought one second hand for close on a thousand pounds! I'm not sure how true that is but i know they are expensive.
My god - thought more along the lines of few hundred quid!! :wow think ill stick with digiturk
yeah. we payed about a grand for our dish.
in response to ahmetsaskim, you are right, we don't watch much sky in the summer, but for 5 months in the winter you really need something to keep you occupied. Especially when you can't leave the house because it is raining so hard!!!
A new 3m dish will cost in the region of £1100 here in Turkey.

The dish isn't the total answer, you need a first quality LNB to get best signal quality, and also some brands of Sky digiboxes work better on the edge of the range than others.

It also depends on what you want to watch - if you want it for Sky Movies and/or Sky Sports, a 1.5m dish is fine (this is what I have, I am pondering the 3m dish - 3m dish, 2m house lol). I also receive (perfectly)Channel 5, Sky one, UKTV Gold (most channels, either the normal one or in some cases the +1 version instead), Nickleodeon, Nick Jr (although I wish I'd never told the kids), most stupid shopping channels and around 60% of the Radio stations - including Talk Sport, the greatest loss to me when I left the UK (sad I know).

Channel 4 I get in the summer months perfectly, but by the end of October it has weakened and died.

So, a 3m dish is required for BBC1, BBC2, ITV (1,2,3) - and the BBC range - 4,5, parliament, News, Cbeebies etc) if these aren't your requirement, a 1.5m dish will set you back just a couple of hundred quid at the most.

If there is anyone with a specific channel they want to know about let me know and I'll tell you if it's receivable on a 1.5m or not.

Hope that helps!

What a wealth of knowledge you bunch have!!! :lol:

So notice you are in the fethiye region Scunner - Would the same apply in the Marmaris region ie 1.5 metre dish for Sports & Movies?? Besides the cost of the 3 metre dish - dont think my neighbours would be too happy with it spread across the garden :? So i have binned that idea
Yes a 1.5m dish would be fine in Marmaris too for both Sky sports & movies.


Should also point out to the original question asker that Sky is transmitted from Astra 2D not Hotbird.

Hi Leighanne,
ive got a 1.5 meter dish for sale if you pm ill discuss details... You can receive everything but beeb1,2,3,4 itv 1,2,3 and some channels disappear at certain times of the day. We have never experienced probs with C4 so my familly are hooked on hollyoaks!!!! I just watch it to be sociable :oops: The sports come thru loud and proud so im happy, although it is good to watch Turkish football with Turkish commentary. Go Go Besiktas !!!!!!!!
thanks for the info regarding this subject but i think the sky dish is out of the question ,is digiturk recived on the same dish as hotbird ?or does the dish have to have digiturk wrote on it ,cause i have seen other dishes ,with nothing wrote on them :oops: i am realy not sure about these things
Hi Toptotty,
whats written on the dish doesnt matter. Digiturk costs 100ytl to install and a decent family package 30 ytl per month. You can get most TV people to do all the paperwork for you and prices inc all labour etc. having been spoilt by Sky, Digiturk is a poor second but at least you can keep up with eastenders(for sad people only!!!!)
The dish is far to beig to go on the roof so it will have to stand in the garden i'm afraid.

Depends on the roof...

Here in Tenerife we have flat concrete roofs and a 3 metre lives happily up there. There are many roof installations here.
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