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No AC in any of the rooms. The Balmoral is the old block and is like a prison. The reception is closed up. No sea views and is something form the 1960s.

The other two buildings are much nicer and more modern (perhaps something from the 1980s). Again no AC. The only way to make sure you are not in the Balmoral is to pay for an upgraded room with a sea view when you book. The hotels take no regard to requests. You may be lucky ( which is rare!) and be placed in the nice hotels without paying for a sea view however I wouldn't take this chance. The hotel realise the money they make here and will place you in the Balmoral and they advise that you can pay to upgrade (which will be about £200.00 once at the hotel!)

Hope this helps.
can anyone confirm if there is wifi at the above hotel. their website doesnt say, booking agents dont know but i have seen some reviews talking
about wifi there, so am totally confused.
waiting to book but cant seem to get any confirmation from anywhere.
it has to be wifi not just internet connection
No wifi. They have computers that you can get internet on for a couple of euro. These hotels are old and basic. No AC etc. Great for a cheap holiday though and they are clean.

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