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Hi debdon,
We've used the stansted meet & greet lots of times and never had any problems, so much quicker than the on site car parking which can be miles away.
Hi, thank you for that, it was what I wanted to hear, will go ahead with the booking now. Thanks for your reply. x
where is the cheapest place to park at stanstead airport

EDIT: Merged with existing Stansted Airport topic, which may already hold some useful info about parking
David HT Mod
herbieridesagain have a look at this site we use them quite a lot for airport parking http://www.holidayextras.co.uk/
Have you also tried getting taxi quotes?
We live in Chelmsford, approx 30 minutes from Stansted. Off to Cyprus for 2 weeks in September so have been checking out prices to find out the cheapest way to get to stansted. The cheapest car parking quote we found is for
111 pounds
, taxi (return, with a 2am pick up ad our flight doesnt get in till 0055)
50 pounds
Cheaper and we can have a drink on the plane home!
We`re flying from stansted to corfu in july and have found it cheaper to pay for one of the hotels that do overnight stay and 15 days parking :?
Hi all, just to let you know that we booked the meet & greet service at stansted, we flew out on thursday midday & came back last night, cost was £38 - just to let anyone know that we would definately use it again, it was lovely just leaving your car with them & having it there on return with no buses to rely on to car park. Great service if anyone is thinking about using it. Just a bit of info for you all.
Has anyone used Stanstedbudgetairportparking@yahoo.co.uk?
How far from airport, minibus transfer? etc.
What is the overall service like?
Any info greatfully appreciated.
They are quoting me £30 for a week or £45 meet and greet which seems remarkably cheap/good value.
did you try them?
I'm looking for Stansted parking and i'm getting quotes about £79 for a week in Sept. :(
ive found gateway parking to be fairly cheap - yu should be able to get a quote from http://www.holidayextras.co.uk but the disadvanage is they are a fair trot from stanstead in the shuttle bus. Nearer Harlow :( . i We live 30 mins away in woodford and i think it took us as long on the bus from the car park as getting from home to the car park :( . but they were cheap . this year we went by cab £50 each way


sorry just found some awful reviews about Gateway. so maybe stay clear of them. :(
Just wondered if anyone can tell me the price of cigarettes at Stanstead. WEe are going to Italy shortly and dont know if its cheaper there for duty frre or the airport. Is there a service where you buy them and leave them for collection on return/ Would save carrying it all!!!

Have booked a room at Days Inn on the roundabout M11. Have to get to the terminal at some rediculous hour....05:00......do you think its easy for a cab?
No problem getting a cab - you should look at the BAA site for Stansted Airport and note the number of CHECKER CABS - who currently hold the airport concession. They always have lots of cabs waiting at the airport and you can book them by phone. The cost from the Days Inn to the airport is in the region of £10-12, excluding tip.

As you are going to Italy who are in the EU you cannot buy duty free goods at Stansted or on the plane.

We are stopping at the Hilton the night before we travel and I was wondering if anyone had recommendations where we can get a bite to eat and a couple of drinks in the evening without having to remortgage the house! Would prefer to not have to drive, but will do if required (would prefer public transport/taxi). Also as we won;t be leaving Derby til 4.30 I doubt we'll be getting to the hotel before 8pm (on a good run)

if you are leaving your car at the Hilton, I am not sure but I think once you are in you may have a problem going out short term. We stayed last February and although the meals in the Hotel are good they ain't cheap main courses from about £13.50 a pot of tea for two £6 Breakfast £17.50.

If you can get out there is a Toby carvery at Harlow a fair trek after coming from Derby. Take a picnic and enjoy it in your room haha.

Our stay with parking cost £150.
Thanks DavidNewman9. Any idea what the bar prices are like?
A glass of wine in the dining room cost £6, and the bar prices are in keeping. I have abandoned Stansted for East Midlands or Luton where parking prices are far more realistic. It is a pity really because Air Berlin take some beating.
Rather than the big hotels at Stansted why not try a small b&b. I searched Google for b&b's near Stansted Airport and it came up with several. I have listed below 3 of them.


They do work out cheaper than the large hotels even after adding the parking to the room cost - and you get breakfast.

None of them are very far away and bear in mind that the hilton is not right on the airport - it is a good 5 - 10 minute bus ride away.

We only live 50 minutes away so usually ask a friend to take us!!

I agree that Air Berlin take some beating - one of the best airlines we have flow on.


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