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Temperatures starting to drop now. Daytimes are a bit chilly sometimes.Yesterday 17 November 2018 it rained almost all day.The first rain in many months.I think it is about time to put our sun loungers in storage for the winter
But only for a few months:) What are your winter temperature?
Seen a good deal with Thomas Cook to Zante, Alykes in July.
Waiting till the weekend (well Friday) as there may be a Black Friday deal somewhere.
We love Alykes, but gave it a miss this year and went to Kos instead.
Her indoors is have withdrawl symptoms hence Alykes next near!
I am back in Zante next July 😊
I'm there in July also
Me too to Alykes! Did you get a good deal I am surprised how expensive it is now but my heart loves Zante
Fiona are you back to Zante this year? I did look at the planet tslivii but was way out of budget I'm afraid :-( x
Yes we are back to Ionian Aura. It's at the top of a hill with great views.. Walkable during the day and a shortcut takes you to the part of the beach we liked best. We took a taxi home at night for 6 euros. Would have walked but there are no pavements and there are a lot of bends on the road. Lovely room, good breakfast and no problem getting a sunbed round the pool, whatever time you arrived.
Loads of great restaurants.
Sounds fab and plenty of sun beds good. Like being near to lots of restaurants aswell.
It is close to the Balcony which is a well known restaurant. However, the rest of the restaurants are down the hill. And sometimes we went down our hill and up another one!:D All good for walking off the extra wine/ouzo calories!
I've heard of the balcony it's meant to be lovely. I used to main about walking but now I don't mind it where I'm staying in Alykes is a bit of a trek apparently but sometimes it's worth it
We never did eat at the Balcony. There always seemed to be weddings there. But also everyone likes the view and we already had that.
It's meant to be nice and not as expensive as everyone thinks but I've never been either. My colleague at work stayed at razi apartments in tslivi and liked them so much he's going back again.
Hi Mari,
Actually booked the day after posting with Thomas Cook staying at Nikos which is near Apollo.
Never stayed there before, so going to give it a try.
Just over a grand for the two of us for two weeks package holiday with seats together and meals on the plane/

It seems the more popular an island/resort becomes, the move expensive the holiday gets.
However, we went to Kos last year and although we enjoyed the holiday, we thought Kos was a lot more expensive for food/drink etc.. than Zante. So it's swings and roundabouts.
I don't mind paying a bit more initially for the holiday if it's somewhere I want to go to rather than "lets go to Greece"

Roll on July!
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