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hi tabby, one of the nicest things we found while in faro was a boat trip to the Ilha Deserta,

access Ferry from Faro, 40 mins, through Ria Formosa.
facilities One cafe near landing stage.
comments Lives up to its name. How much empty beach do you want ? Also known as Cabo de Santa Maria, it is the southern-most point of Portugal. There is a boarded walk over the dunes. See

beautiful place like being stranded on a desert island, you will be too if you miss the boat back home :lol:

fizz xx
Thanks for that Fizz - looks really good.
:D :D
Hello Tabby, there are lots of sites to see in Faro, other than the beaches there are some good bars in the main town and good shopping too.
Sites worth looking out for are,
The Old town is a walled city with a Se ( Cathedral ) entered through the Arco da Vila with its old moorish walls, three good Museums and the Largo da Se with the Bishops Palace and full of Orange trees. The Jardim (garden) Manuel Bivar with lots of cafes and a harbour, a Maritime Museum near the bus station, and the Igreja (church) do Carmo with it chapel of the bones made with the bones of old monks.
You can also get the buss to places like Traira/Vila Real Santo Antonio and get the boat to Spain. Or go the other way and have a day out in Albufeira.
Hope this gives you a few ideas.

Thanks Dave
You have certainly given us something to go on.
Tabby :D

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