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I don't know if there's more you can do but I would like to say how the procedure was when we got married in Cyprus (arranged through First Choice) a number of years ago.

We booked a holiday in May for end October the same year and at the beginning of July, decided we wanted to get married whilst we were there. We added the cost to our booking and received the relevant form requests which included copies of birth certificates, my husbands decree absolute from his first marriage, signed and certified declaration from a solicitor that we were both free to marry and copies of our passports.

We requested to get married on Monday 1st November.

That was it..... In between we got a notification of our requested provisional date and a time.

We arrived in Cyprus on Wednesday, met with our wedding co-ordinator on Friday with an appointment to take our original documents to the town hall for verification. Only when the Mayor and the notaries officer had agreed the forms and documentation were okay and acceptable did they confirm the date and time of the wedding as we had requested. Oh, plus payment for the special licence, of course!

Everything else was arranged - wedding car, reception, photographer etc over the weekend.

On the Monday morning (the day of the wedding), we went strolling around the old town of Paphos and the market in our shorts and t-shirts then made our way back to our accommodation. The hotel provided me with an extra room to get changed along with 2 of my friends so my husband didn't see "the dress" and the men took themselves by car to the town hall. The car came along all decorated and took me and my 2 friends a short while later.

Everything went smoothly, no hiccups at all.

I would say "don't worry" too much about it.... They probably follow a similar process where you are getting married too and they do hundreds of these year in, year out.

Quite what the problem with the paperwork is, I don't know - but the only solution I can offer would be to send the requested form by Registered Mail so someone has to sign they received it rather than sending by email.

We arranged our overseas wedding inside 4 months from start to finish and you are already a head start on that.

Hey, and look what happened to us! We got married in Cyprus and now we're living here - so I hope you've chosen the "right" location!

Enjoy :cheers

Limassol, Cyprus.
I can't really comment other than to say that as your booking is via a travel agent, Thomson tour operator will only (or should only) send correspondence out to them, even if you write them directly. Unless the wedding department actually tell you to deal directly with them it could be that dealing with both is causing some confusion. Or it could be that your travel agent is not forwarding everything they are receiving from the tour op.

Go to the travel agents, ask them to chase whatever you are waiting for, and sit there until they do so. Also point out that the tour operator has replied to you via them, so it would appear they are sitting on some correspondence that needs forwarding to you.

The only suggestion I will make is don't leave it so long to chase important 'missing' things. I would give them 2 weeks maximum before contacting them again. I am still waiting (6 wks) for my local Thomson agent to ring me about booking an airport hotel. Needless to say, after waiting a week, I booked it direct with the hotel even though I didn't get the Thomsons 25% discount. If they can't be bothered, neither can I.
It does look like you're getting pretty poor service from the travel agent...

When we got married in Cuba on a Thomson holiday all the paperwork was dealt with promptly...mind you , we DID book it at a THOMSON shop

Little puzzled at the events as you describe them. Correct me if I am wrong.

You have booked a holiday with Thomson - As you paid the balance of the deposit at the Thomson shop I assume you booked the holiday there?

You have requested a wedding package - did you do this when you booked the holiday or did you do this seperate? If so was it by phone with Thomson or at the shop?

If it was done at the shop then they are the ones who should be sorting things out for you. If you contacted Thomson direct for the wedding package then in effect you are dealing with two seperate departments and they are not connecting. If that is the case then somehow you need to make both departments aware.

That is how I read your post.

The travel agent shop you booked in should be handling all of this for you!! I'd go in there and demand they get it sorted. When I worked for TC and booked weddings for people i'd handle everything for them as it was my job! That is why people book in a shop, to get the customer service!!!
I think that to have a wedding held properly you have to search for a while and make perfect choice by choosing wisely. Me and my wife were just amazed by how many concierges are just mischieving people while offering inefficient services. From my point of view, the photographer service that we booked for the wedding of my son,did the best.
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