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Yes you do not put toilet paper down the loo anywhere in Greece, when we were in Cyprus two years ago there was a sign on every toilet door telling you not to do so apparently the sewer pipes are very narrow and I beleive when paper causes a blockage the results can be very nasty usually it's not a problem if your staying in a decent hotel etc. these special bins for loo paper are emptied daily,
A very similar topic is on the Cyprus forum, basically you can't flush the paper. Its not really the fact it wont go away its the proccessing that won't cope with it. There are filters and machinery that gets clogged up with paper and then backs up the sewerage system (it happened one year spilling out into the streets.. so be warned don't flush it)
When we go to countries that you can't put loo roll down the toilet i always take sanitary bags. They can be bought from boots and supermarkets for about 70p and are fragranced. It's a bit better than having dirty loo roll in the bin.

Sorry to be a bit blunt but that's how it is.

Yep as others have said you do have to put loo roll in the bin not down the loo, however you do get used to it, and I have to say when I've been to Greece and Turkey some of the public toilets were much better that ours here! And when you come home you tend to go to put the loo roll in the bin not in the loo, it just becomes part of the holiday I guess!

its not that bad as they said most places even studio's and apartments the apts and bins are emptied on a daily basis.

Enjoy your holiday!
Isn't it time that Greece came into the 20th century let alone the 21st with regard to plumbing and hygiene and brought their unhygenic system up to date?
Greece is part of the EEC surely there should be some legisaltion that requires them to meet the same standard as the rest of the civilised world.
Come on Greece, you are so willing to embrace modern technology, why not bring your standards of hygiene into the modern age?
Must admit this does put me off greece and i love it there, have not been for the last 4 years, i am looking to go back to greece this year to zante and to be honest this is putting me off i know it should,nt but it does.
It is strange that modern Greeks seem to have the lost skills they had 2000 years ago! Greek Plumbing is a surprise to most first time visitors but as said above it is surprising how quickly one adjusts. In fact the main reason for this, apart from the small pipes is most houses have soak away/pittal tank sewerage systems which would very quickly get clogged with paper. Some hotels like the Gelina and St Georges Bay in Acharavi have their own sewerage systems but still cannot filter paper(etc!). Corfu town now has a mains sewerage system but many houses still do not have big enough pipes to cope with large amounts of paper.
Sorry, like many things change comes slowly, but it is coming!
Dont let it put you off. Greece in general and Corfu in particular are wonderful places for a holiday and all the plus points far outweigh the minus.
I agree, it is a big shock to the system when you first encounter this practice...

I spent my childhood in Bangladesh, so became pretty tough about a lot of things at a very young age :wink:

The advice others have given is good, I think the main thing is just try not to think about it too much, and make sure your bin is emptied every day (and even take some air freshener with you if you are really worried!)

i know it did put me off going there with the children,
when we went we took nappy sacks to put the toilet paper in them and then in the bin.

And I can vouch that the drains can not cope, my sister went to Messongi beach and it stank :yuck
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