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You can catch a train but have to change in Barcelona.Also there is track work going on till Sept therefore the normal station to change at might have changed. Check with the renfe site.
hi...angie.......are you sure its barcelona airport and not girona.........there is a difference......
Hi Angieboo,

I went to Calella 2 months ago and you can get a train from the Airport station to Barcelona Sants station. This train runs every 30 minutes. Change to platform 2 at Barcelona Sants (I think it is platform 2) and get any train marked destination Blanes, also Macanet, which stop at Calella. These trains are also every 30 minutes but more regular during the rush hour. The odd rush hour train is marked destination Calella.

The airport Station is on the right of the main Airport entrance. You'll see an escalator 100 yards or so ahead. Go up this and then there is a moving walkway to take you to the train. There's a ticket box at the end of the moving walkway to buy your train ticket. Only 3 euro 20 cents single......better than 100 + Euro by taxi.

If you have heavy luggage I would jump in a taxi to L'Hospitalet Llogregat station (about 15 Euro) which is the stop before Sants and get the same train there, as the trains start here and you won't have the crowds of people you get at Sants. You'll be garaunteed a seat and you can sit on the right and get the great Med sea views upto Calella.

The whole journey will be about 1 hour 40 minutes by train, but the views on the right make it a very pleasant journey indeed.

Calella is brill as well !

Can I just add that the Airport station is on the RIGHT as you LEAVE the airport.

Hi Everyone, Many thanks for all your replies. It is definately Barcelona we are flying into, I double checked it last night. I had a look at the renfe site last night also and it seems pretty straightforward.
Thanks Allan for your detailed reply. It definately sounds more appealing to jump on the train at L'Hospitalet Llogregat station to get a seat and watch the views.

This is my first visit to Calella and we are staying in the Amaika, it seems to generally get pretty good reviews. Is there anywhere that you guys would recommend to go while we are out there? :D
Hi again Angieboo,

Me and the Missus had a day trip to Lloret de Mar. Really nice resort.

Get the train from Calella to Blanes (25 min journey) then jump on the bus to Lloret (another 15 mins or so) from outside Blanes Station. Bus leaves 10 past and 20 to the hour. (1.25 Euro single)

Also went to Santa Susanna 2 stops on the train in the same direction, smaller than Calella but another nice resort.

Theres also a place called Canet de Mar which is about 3 stops from Calella in the other direction and this is a place where there are not too many tourists. Nice to go to a restaraunt there for a browse around and get the feel of a place with many less tourists.

And of course Barcelona speaks for itself.

In Calella, there is the Alcatraz bar for nightly Bingo and a good laugh (maily Brits) and Kareoke. There's stacks of bars and restarants and you've never seen so many shops in one town ANYWHERE.

There's something for everyone in Calella, all ages and tastes.

Me and the wife loved it.

Hi Allan,

Thanks for the advice, we will definately be visiting Barcelona and will try a couple of other resorts if we have the time (only there 5 days). I visited Lloret a few years ago and enjoyed it, and I would like to try out Canet de Mar for something different.

I am the karaoke queen so will be hunting out the Alcatraz bar! Thanks for all your helpful advice, its gratefully received.


From what i can understand from the renfe website - my spanish/catalan isn't upto much - that you if you are getting the train from the airport at Sants.Change train at Sants and head to Clot-Arago, by using the metro. Then from Clot-Arago the train will go direct to Calella. I think the works they are doing - as Pipefitter mentioned - should finish about the 11 September
Hi Miss H,

Thanks for the heads up on the rail works. We should miss them anyway anyway with the time that we are going, but always useful to know.
Bit of an update of this. I think i mis-read a bit of this when trying to translate from the renfe site.

If getting the metro from Sants, then get off at the Clot, then go to El Clot-Arago station, which should be right beside each other by the looks of it. From there, you get the train to Calella on line 1.

Also you cant get on the train/Rodalies - line 2 going towards El Clot-Arago, then change onto line 1 at that station.

As there is no works being done on line 2 by renfe at the moment.

Hope this helps everyone a bit
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