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I mentioned before but try Avanti especially on an Annual basis, as i say I have many medical issues and they cover all.
its a strange thing - insurance. I am on a couple of heart attack forums and a few were raving about tesco insurance- the one I have used for years, who paid my claim this summer without quibble but who would not insure me again when my policy finished just after that. Some of the forum users had had things like triple bypasses( and just getting over them).
Can you apply online for Tesco insurance Fiona as be interesting to see if they'd anonymously insure you? 😉
No I need to go through medical screening. I have insuranCE now but will be thinking of reapplying next year.
My elderly parents booked a holiday for themselves to Portofino in Italy in September this year. As a surprise they also booked flights for my husband and I to join them on the holiday. Unfortunately my Mum developed a heart condition and was advised not to travel as she awaited open heart surgery. My dad was able to reclaim the cost of the flights for themselves off his travel insurance but was refused a refund for the tickets he purchased for us. Is there anything we can do? Is the travel insurance company correct?
Sorry to hear about your Mum but it sounds as if he only took out insurance to cover himself and your Mum. Unless he took out cover for you all four of you then the insurance company are within their rights to only pay out for the losses of those named on the policy. If you took out cover for yourselves for this trip you should be able to claim against that policy or if you have travel insurance with your bank account you might be able to claim against that.
Sorry to hear about your mum.

I agree with SMa, you would need to be covered on a Travel insurance policy. If you're not covered at all, the only option would be to change the flights to a future flight but the amendment fees may make it not worthwhile. You'd need to check the T&C's with the airline.

I wish your mum well.
Thank you so much for the advice - we remembered that we did indeed have insurance with our bank so ... watch this space! We also wondered if my dad's credit card company might refund us for the cancelled flights ... another possibility hopefully . Thanks again and for the good wishes for my mum!
As some of you will have realised from posts on other threads, I broke my wrist on my trip to Cuba last month but for various reasons I didn't actually post the claim forms off to Staysure until last Friday and as I sent it by recorded delivery they probably didn't receive them until this Monday. I had a phonecall from them yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon about a missing piece of documentation that I had mistakenly assumed was only needed if the claim related to a cancelled holiday but as I had it in digital format they were happy for me to email it to them. This morning (Thursday) I received through the post the original versions of my insurance validation documents that I'd sent them along with the claim forms and then this afternoon an email from them confirming that they'd be paying the claim in full minus the excess direct into my bank account and I should have it within 3 working days but to let them know if I hadn't received it within 5 working days. And having checked my currency exchange receipts they are refunding me this at exactly the same exchange rate as applied on that day.

Obviously, I need to wait and see if it does appear in my bank account as promised but I'm impressed that they've responded so quickly.
That's excellent service SMa 👍
It's great when it all works as it should :tup
Checked this morning and the money from Staysure is in my account and cleared - so all done and dusted in exactly a week from them receiving my claim forms!
Well worth knowing - I actually insured with Insureandgo this time as Staysure were much more expensive for our medical conditions but worth knowing that Staysure settled so promptly for future insurance.
I've found Staysure pretty competitive when it comes to covering my own pre-existing conditions but what swung it this time is that whilst I could get cheaper quotes for just covering me, they invariably also asked about the health of anyone that might effect holiday plans even if they wouldn't be travelling with you. Now that my 89 year old Mum lives with me that has to be a serious consideration and the moment I started providing information about her multiple health problems the premiums would climb significantly. Staysure were one of the few companies that didn't and they were the cheapest.
Friend of mine has asked if I can help him find insuranc for his friends wife. She has/had (not sure) Breast Cancer and nobody will insure her.

She accepts they will not cover the Breast Cancer but they will not offer her any insurance. If memory serves some time ago (might even have been the old HT) there were companies that would give cover in such cases.

Anybody help please?
Try Insurace With.

Have they looked on the McMillan website?
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Last November it was 5 years since my operation for Crohn's disease and I managed to get an annual policy with Staysure covering all our medical ailments. It wasn't cheap, but the premium was within the price I was willing to pay....considering our ages etc.
We went away early January for a week with no problems and then in April I was rushed into hospital with a COPD exacerbation.
I could argue that if they hadn't discharged me too early, then I wouldn't have been re-admitted 10 days later, but it meant that I'd had two admissions as far as the insurance company were concerned.

About a week after being home I got a letter from Staysure asking me if "anything has changed". Coincidence, spooky or what.!!!

So, I phoned them and to cut a long story short, they declined to insure me, they cancelled the policy because I'd been in hospital twice with a chest infection and after a few more phone calls they credited my CC with £184. 02.
Well that was nice of them, seeing as I'd just paid out the two grand final balance to Tui for our July holiday.

I spent hours, days and weeks trying numerous insurance companies to get some cover and within only a week to go before we departed, I was ( for the first time ever) prepared to travel without insurance.
Some of the quotes they came back with was ridiculous and eventually laughable.

My searches took me to a company called JS Travel insurance, who are brokers and I got insurance that covered my hubby for his blood pressure/ cholesterol and excluded my ailments of Crohn's disease and COPD.... Single trip for £192.00.

The managing director is a chappie called Chris Hollingsworth, some of you may remember him on TV presenting a consumer programme with Anne Robinson years ago.

In an ideal world I would prefer to get my ailments covered, but I take emergency medication prescribed by my doctor and a portable nebuliser for the COPD and if I'd had an unmanageable flare up with the Crohn's, I'd have gone to the state hospital with my EHIC card, while we still can, or just get a flight home from Malaga.

You have to phone them to get a "tailor made Policy".

Sanji x
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