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I wonder who is using such a crazy service? Would you buy tickets without knowing where you will get with these? I would do it only in the case that the tickets are really cheap like 10 euro or so. Otherwise, it is not interesting to lose money on some unknown challenge. I like ads on Instagram and the ways they can be presented.
  • Edited by irtooks 2020-10-13 05:59:17
I don't think this means you are booking some sort of mystery tour - the booking form will tell you which airport your flight is to before you confirm the booking as usual. The app just automatically fills in the details - it won't confirm the booking until you enter your cards details etc. Is it gimmicky? Yes. Might it be useful for some people? Quite possibly. I for one have certainly seen photos of places and thought 'That looks lovely - I wonder where it is?' An app like this might help me find out, identify whether there is an airport within convenient distance and then enable me to do a bit more research about whether I'd like to go or not. SM
Думаю, будет очень удобно. Как только мы подготовимся к отдыху, обязательно попробую
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