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Hi Dave, this does'nt surprise me at all having been to Malta 11 times we have been aware of this since our first visit, I have said it time and time again that if you want to tour Malta and you have an adventurous nature you can do it all by bus because the tour operators will charge you a fortune to do something you could litterally do for cents, thanks for re-enforcing this point Dave, I hope plenty of people read and digest this.

I must admit, Lm 29.00 is quite steep for the tour, however you do need to take into consideration the following
1. Transport is in a luxury coach for the full duration
2. You get a fully qualified guide who is with you constantly, explaining all about the history....personally I find it pointless visiting a historical place and not knowing why it is there.
3. The wine tatsting is not exactly as described above....i.e spitting in a tin...It is a very professional set up with the vineyeardc producing fantstic wine which rivals many a French Bordeaux and Italian Chianti. You not only get a sip of wine and spit it in a tin, you get to sample every wine that they have and you get a quarter glass of each wine to sample....and yes you get to drink it too...further to that you get a platter of different cheeses and bisuits to go with it.
4. Re the wine in Rabat for Lm5.00 I very muxch doubt it was the from the same vineyard as this is more expensive than this
Hello Trevor I do admit that you do get a luxury coach but you also may have to spend a hour picking up other people from other hotel.
If unlike me you don't bye a good guide book and this is your 4th vistit why would you need a guide.
The wine I had was a Marsovin Merlot with grapes imported from Italy and made in Malta and very nice it was.
The point I was trying to make is the money the tour firms make out of your run of the mill tourist.
I will give you a few more from the Thomson Highlights booking form.
1 New for 2004/05 Valletta half day, enjoy a guided tour of the sights of Malta's impressive capital. Ml 10.00 again a 50c bus ride pop in the tourist office and get a free map of Valletta and of you go, saving Ml 9.00 per person.
2 Highlights of Malta, Malta's main sights includes Mosta,the silent city of Mdina & Rabat. Ml 14.50, again a Ml 1.50 bus pass saving Ml 13.00.
3 Captain Morgan's Sunday Special. Combining Valletta market,the Grand Harbour cruise & the Great Seige show Ml 14.50 this one's a bit tricky as I don't know the price of the cruise or the seige but the market is free so doing it your self must be cheaper.
This is just three tours from there booking form with good saving on two of them, can you see what say a family of four would save by doing it them selfs, there are 19 tours in all, with prices from Ml 85.00 to Ml 2.90 so for the price of a good tour guide book and a little reserch they could save a few hundred pounds.
Someone with your knowledge of the island should may be letting the tourist know more things like this as it goes a long way to promote your island, please remember this is not a dig at you.

Dave :sun
Far from being a dig Dave no worries there mate.

Don't get me wrong, I am not defending anyb ody or he price charged....I do admit that the price you emntioned is rather steep, but would prefer not to comment...regarding the wine....yes the Marsovin Merlot is an excellent wine, however the wine tasting is of the Meridiana Vineyeard and the wine they produce is far superior hence the higher price, where ina restaurant you would pay Lm 5-Lm 6 for the merlot, expect to pay at least Lm 11.00 for the meridiana brand and trust me it is a superb wine.
Hello Trevor if the wine you are on about is superb then roll on my next visit perhaps we could even do a bottle or two, but you must admit you cannot beat sitting on the bastions of Mdina looking over the views of Malta with any bottle of wine 8)

Yep Dave that is very true, I still remember my teenage days laying on the bastion walls gazing at the stars late at night.....not alone of course HA HA :oops:
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