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Hi Jan, don't know about the weather in April, sorry. But try On the Beach - onthebeach.com - for holidays, or Holidays for you. I found some cheapies on there for April, but decided not to go as it is too near our booked holiday in May.

Go into Turkey weather reports for last April to see what it was like then.

Have a look on Icmeler online website for there offers :wink:
If you're looking for guaranteed heat I wouldn't bother. You might get wet weather or you might get sunny weather into the 60s but it won't be anywhere near as warm as the Canaries.
I would go in June or September for hot-but-not-sweltering weather.

ive been to turkey the last 2 easters, last year the weather for easter wasnt great, we managed to sun bathe for about 2-3 hours on only 2-3 days out of the week, temps were around 19-23 in marmaris, the year before the weather was better and sun bathed again only 3-4 hours but 4-5 days out of the week,temps around 21-24 but this was antalya. depends what you want if its just to get away somewhere not to busy then this should be fine. if you want guaranteed sunshine for a week or 2 then its risky. we love turkey and go a lot but mainly cos my mother lives there.

h4u do good prices to turkey

the place we stayed with our kids that was fantastic but slightly dear is lykia world, it has its own website so have a look see what you think
try holidays 4 u
or tulip holidays
first choice etc
Thanks very much everyone. After reading your comments I think we'll probably leave Turkey until the warmer months. We went to Cyprus a few years ago at the end of March and the weather was very interchangeable and cold in the evenings. So having experienced that I think we will opt for the Canaries, where at least you can be guaranteed some sun and warmth.

Thanks again.

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