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We just had our flights to Cuba cancelled too. They were with a charter, Thomas Cook, booked through GoTraveldirect 3 months ago, and we were really pleased as we got 4 seats in the premium cabin (36in legroom) Now they've pulled the flight and we cant find anything else flying from Scotland. Its much more expensive when you have to buy add-on flights to London so looks like we wont be going to Cuba. Grrr.
No comensatin of course - just an apology.
I am sorry to hear of these wretched cancellations. Is there any way that your travel agent can marry you up with either BA who fly to Havana or Air France ... at least that means you don't have to go so far to transfer?

Also perhaps your TA can ask Condor - that's Thomas Cook's flight operator in Germany if they can find places on any of their flights .... I believe they fly out of Frankfurt if not other gateways such as Munich or Hamburg. Again, sorry it isn't direct, but it's nearer than Madrid.

But do try to avoid Cubana - dodgy safety record.

All the very best of luck.
travel agen said theres no alternative , i did an opodo search and its true but there is a iberi conection from gatwich(which i live near) but virgin say i have to go from heathrow which means now leaving 6.30 am o get there to check in t 8am compared to our old flight leaving at 3pm from heathrow.

im awaiting a response from virgin at mo i complained direct on email. ive accepted the flights its just the rest i want sorted now

i may sound like a winger and if it wasnt my wedding i could prob put up with it all but as it is it is my wedding and i want it perfect
Hi there, I know there has been a couple of threads like this, We too fly AJ to Jamaica and Virgin are insisting that the flight is direct. Air Jamaica insist now that I have to change planes as my original flight has disappeared from their screens! I was told to wait and see what my ticket says however, the difference in the times is 5 hours. Not much use when you are trying to arrange transport to get you to the airport. Hope everything goes ok, you never know you may get bumped up on the flight
hey wanan be offering me something, but i still have not had a reply to my email i sent last sat to them grrrr even more.
Nickie, I also e-mailed them once and never received a reply. I then e-mailed again and said I would not pay the balance of my holiday(which was due) until I heard from them, received a reply the next day, so I'd send another one if I was you, they are probably hoping you'll give up.
sorry also, have you seen the similar threads to this in the Caribbean section. Might be worth a look or contacting the people involved directly to see if they are pursuing the matter?
good idea im also guna get my ravel agent o pursue this for me , i can cope wih flight but i want to pre book seats on plane i want not to have to pay for all inc fyter 2pm on last dy and i want to know what they guna offer me coz i wont be able you use my 8 pases for the virgin clubhouse lounge. am i asking to much of virgin

lol i sound like a right winger
The reason that the Air jamaica flights have been cancelled is that Air Jamaica have cancelled the route, they do not fly any more to jamaica from manchester.

Another alternative is if you want a direct flight to the caribbeanfrom Manchester.BMI now have a direct flight to Antigua, St Lucia or Barbados, just a possibility ????
Air Jamaica have cancelled loads of flights not just the Manchester services. It is rumoured that they are struggling financially , not sure how true it is though.
i was not ment to fly from manchester i was ment to fly from heathrow, and i know the reasons behind air jamaica. other islands are not an option as o change id loose a lot of money.
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