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Here is the weather history of last May.


We were in Belek from May6th for 2 weeks. It was lovely and warm in the day, but the nights were quite cool and needed a light jacket or cardie. The sea and resort pools were freezing so did not venture into either as just could'nt bring myself to go in.Toooooooooo Cooooooooooooold. :yikes

It depends where you are going in turkey, the sea temps vary from resort to resort, antalya sea peaks around 29c and bodrum peaks around 24c to 25c but izmir further norths around 27c. The temps in may will vary, but I would think between 18c to 22c, little bit chilly for swimming.

Here the sea temps at the moment the highest 17c.

We went to Gumbet for the first two weeks in May in 2003. When we got to Dalaman the driver who picked us up said, welcome to Turkey it is 100 degrees. It stayed that way for two weeks. You never know, it is one of the months when anything goes. Difficult for packing as well.
The beginning of May is normally fairly hot but the evenings can be a bit chilly. the seas hasn't had much time to warm up so it tends to be quite cold. I always go in and swim but it certainly isn't warm and I know a lot of people think it is too cold to swim.
i have always found the weather nice in may,but the sea is cold saying that,after the initial shock it is not so bad. can't comment on pools i always go in the sea.

regards percy123
I think the further you can get into May the better . We always used to go for the half term end May and weather is near on perfect then . Hot but not of the intense sweaty heat you get in July /August. beginning of May I think could still be a bit hit and miss although I would still expect it to be mostly good.
looking at them temps for sea temp now in Antayla of 17C, well thats near enough what we get in th UK Mid summer!.
We have holidayed in Ovacik on the Turquoise Coast in May taken boat trips from Olu Deniz and swam in the sea some way off the coastline. Has to be said the daytime temperatures were fantastic ideal for sun bathing but the initial shock of the coolness of the sea soon went away and the temperature was quite pleasant, One of the reviewers as already stated that the night time temperatures are cool and tend to drop by half, for this reason bars and restaurants tend to light log fires at dusk and in addition to keeping you warm are very welcoming and act as a magnet for customers. You can smell the fires starting up all around and with the backdrop of pine covered mountains you could almost think you were in Austria - very endearing.
So yes be sure to take a jumper or lightweight coat with you

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