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Hi I checked the AOL weather website and their forecast for Dalaman isn't that bad. They forecast 'sunny 27-29deg from Sat to Tuesday. Then Wed 'scattered showers' and Thurs and Fri 'isolated t-storms' and temps still about 26deg.Sat 'mostly sunny'. So if you're lucky, scattered and isolated may never come near you! Hope so. Fingers crossed. Have a great time anyway.
The weather forcast thingie on Vista which provides the forcast for the Dalaman Area (close enough i guess) predicts Rain also. Fingers crossed for you!
hi biker-babe,
not looking to good for us either,staying in kemer,monday 85 sunny,tuesday to friday between 77 and 79 sun/showers,looks like sun burn on monday then prop up the bar for a week, :?
Looked on the BBC weather forecast for the Fethiye area and they are showing sun, sun and more sun with temperatures around the 30 degree mark. Having looked at different forecasts (they all differ) I would just keep your fingers crossed.
I am sure you will have a great time and the sun will shine for you!
Have been observing bbc forecast plus weather on this forum and feeling calm.Now i'm fretting a bit,but every may i go its gorgeous,and as i fly out this monday,i think i can cope with the odd shower as the majority of the day will be hot.
Where you staying in Olu bikerbabe?
check this site out for the weather.


I am off Monday to Bitez :lol:
I'm afraid that with a lot of questions about the weather, it will be what it will be. If you found a website that said glorious unbroken sunshine all week would you be more inclined to believe that one over any other?

Saying that, my experience is that the weather is nearly always better when you get to your resort and I hope you have plenty of sunshine.
taxman is right,ive looked at so many weather sites now and they all say different things,im flying out tomorrow and if it is raining so what,i'll still be in turkey and not here in the rain, :sun :lol: 8) :glynis :wave
Hi All, I have just looked at two web sites its the Antalyia area which is going have have three days of bad weather not the Dalaman area the web sites i looked at are weather .co.uk and bbc weather page, hope that helps. Yours Janice
Hi Rafaman,
we are staying tin the Olu Deniz REsort Hotel with First Choice. Also flying out Monday.
Hi Bikerbabe, nice hotel.enjoy.The suns gonna shine. u leaving from bristol?

* Hi please can you not use phone text as in your previous two posts Briar
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