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Driving to the airport after locking up and checking/rechecking gas,water,lights.............:-P
My holiday doesn't start until the plane is coming in to land at it's destination airport.

I hate the hassle of driving to the airport, wondering if an accident will block the motorway even though you've given yourself hours to get to there, queueing to through security often having to deal with rude staff, then hanging around at the airport for hours, by the time you get on the plane your level of tolerance for other people has dropped to zero. Then the boredom of the actual flight and often having to breath in the foul air of the flatulent shoeless few. God I hate it.
But all is forgiven when the plane lands and taxis along the runway to it's assigned spot.
I relax once we've left the house as it's then I say to myself "If I've forgotten it tough", but I have checked we've got tickets, passports & money about 4 times before locking the door. Plus I do spend the first few minutes, knowing we can turn back, questioning if we've got everything!

I used to love the airport years ago. Getting some food & a drink plus poking around the duty free. It was the start of my holidays. Nowadays I'm like Judith & it bores me. I walk straight through duty free, buy a meal deal from Boots for the flight, & only take hand luggage so we don't have to queue to off load luggage or wait at the other end at the carousel.

Is it because we holiday a lot more nowadays & so it's lost its spark?

Once we are out of the airport, our holiday begins 🎉🍹
I go away 5 times a year but I still love the feeling of being at the airport. Thats when my holiday starts .
Glynis - you could be right ! 40 years ago, we built up to our "once a year" holiday to Spain/Greece etc. Now with some taking 4 or 5 breaks per year, sometimes for a month or more, the anticipation isn't there. I haven't had a holiday for nearly 11 months for various reasons ........and I'm actually starting to feel some excitement in planning our safari trip later this other half has actually flown off this morning on a skiing holiday and whilst I don't wish I was skiing ,I DO wish I was on my way to somewhere exotic this morning!!
Our holiday begins once the nightmare of the packing has been done! Does anyone else find it stressful? I lay everything out and then disappear out of the way to let OH do all the packing, we always seem to end up rowing if I dont :D
Once packed (day before) and on the day I actually leave - that is when it begins.
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When we are waiting for the taxi to take us to the airport.
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