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What month are you thinking?

Sandals are expensive and some say over rated, Galle Bay in Antigua has been recommended to me, no kids except Xmas

Maldives for peace and relaxation, I would twin with Sri Lanka or Dubai

Bali ideal summer months but a long flight, i would twin with Hong Kong or Singapore maybe 4 and 10 split.

You have great choices, it would be down to the weather pattern for when you want to travel
If your going in the winter months I would recommend Thailand - city and beach fits in nicely with a two week spell. If doing Bangkok would recommend getting a hotel on the river - some of the worlds best are on it and it makes your stay even more fun.
Have been to St Lucia, Antigua, and the Maldives.

Wouldn't recommend Sandals - one big over rated cheese fest in my eyes - especially the Sandals Antigua which is on a very busy beach, frequented by jet ski ride sellers etc - fine if you are looking for a bit more action.

St Lucia is the more beautiful and lush island in my opinion, but Antigua has better beaches. In St Lucia there are many restaurants around the Rodney Bay area, we stayed at the Royal St Lucian which was ideal as there were very few children around and better class clientele. Going room only gave us freedom, to eat what, where and when we wanted. If we wanted the hotels US$20 breakfast we'd have it.... it we wanted to go to Elaines coffe shop up the road for US$2 toasted sandwiches and coffee for breakfast we would.

In Antigua we stayed at Galley Bay - adults only all inclusive. There are no private beaches in Antigua, but Galley Bay's beach was as good as - never saw anyone but hotel guests on it. So if you are looking for an all inclusive it's worth a look - if you are a beach lover, opt for one of the many beachfront rooms. Bear in mind this hotel is (purposely) rustic - wooden and natural surroundings, as opposed to marble and glitzy. I wasn't blown away by it, but had a great time. The meals are good because there are none of the dreaded buffets, only a la carte.

But, for the ultimate in relaxtion; beaches you'd never thought existed; and service beyonds words, it's the Maldives. We stayed at Taj Exotica, a 5* deluxe, unfortunately damaged by the Tsunami. I have never experienced service like this anywhere else, which is apparently usual at Taj Hotels and in general the Maldives, so worth bearing in mind.

The Maldives is not for you if you want freedom of choice in what you do. Yes, there are organised day trips etc, but you are pretty confined to your island. Great if thats what you are looking for though.

Despite the amazing time we had in the Maldives (and we will go back one day) the Caribbean still has a place in our heart for some reason, something about the pace of life, the rum and rhythm of the place.

Hope this helps.

P.S Just to let you kow, Grenada is our favourite Caribbean Island. By next year hotels dhould be fresh and new after their recovery from the hurricane.
Thanks for your detailed reply Lisa.
At the moment we are leaning towards the Maldives - possibly Kuredu resort as there appears to be quite a bit (compared to other resorts) to do there.
Oooo, friend honeymooned there in Decembe r- she hightly recommends the Sangu side!
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