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Take a look at Alykes on Zante. Seems to tick all your boxes.
Thank you Inca, that looks very nice!
Was about to recommend Zante as my friend loves it there.
Your welcome MrC.
The beach is soft golden sand and you can wade out in the crystal clear sea for 50 yards and it's still only up to your waist.
There are plenty of bars and tavernas all serving traditional dishes along with an international menu.

I would say most tourists are mainly older couples or families with children.
I haven't been but I have a friend who goes as often as she can- try Parga on the mainland. I think it looks a stunning place!
Georgioupolis in West Crete might suit you it's situated between Chania and Rethymno
Hi Mr C
how about you looking at TSILIVI its on ZANTE a great place to visit.Its very close to the hub of things not too rowdy but quiet.Nice beach etc you could have a look at it on Tripadviser.
I hope you get sorted and have a great holiday.
Alykanas or alykes are lovely you will fall in love with them
I am beginning to think I should have booked them and not Tsilivi!
Greece is one of the wonderful countries to visit on holidays.The islands Santorini, Rhodes, Corfu, Crete, Mykonos and the Peloponnese are perfect places to i feel
try scala,kefalonia,agreat place
Santorini. Nice island but not much to do apart from viewing the Caldera where a beer in Fira, Oia etc will set you back 10 Euros and the food is expensive too. Accommodation here is eye warteringly expensive. The 2 beach resorts of Kamari and Perissa are much cheaper for food, drink and accommodation. The beach at both resorts is not sand but volcanic grit which gets very, very hot under foot.

Rhodes is a good choice with plenty of resorts to choose from. My faves are Pefokos, Lindos and Lardos. Slightly more expensive cost of living than on Zante.

Corfu. Again, plenty of resorts to choose from. My problem with Corfu is the mosquitoes. They are rife, even during day time. This is due to Corfu being a very green island which can be a plus. Corfu town is exquisite and a must do if you go there.

Crete. The largest island of Greece. Lots and lots to see and do with loads of resorts. As this is the most southerly island, the weather "out of season" is good.
Some of the resorts (Ag Nicholas, Elounda) have a lengthy transfer from the airport. Up to 2 hours if on the free transfer.

Mykonos. Party island. I don't think this would suit you.

Peloponnese. On the mainland so not an island. This is where you find Olympia, Delphi etc.
Lots of exploring to do. I don't know enough about it as only been to the 2 places mentioned above.
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Take a look at Skiathos, beautiful sandy beaches, laid back resorts all with beaches within easy reach and Skiathos town within 25 minutes by bus from the furthest resort Koukanaries. The town is beautiful with plenty of shops and restaurants, and tavernas lining the harbour.
Would you stay in Skiathos town keffaddict?
No tslivi is nice aswell you will enjoy a lot more at tslivi then alykanas and alykes more lively
I suggest Tsilivi. Definitely you will enjoy there. Here youwill get everything whatever your need like accommodation, dining, transport as well as the best beaches and sites in the small area just like a complete package of luxurious journey.
Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, Kos, Crete and Rhodes, are spectacular islands which have plenty of tranquil beaches and pleasant ambience as well. It perfectly suites everyone who loves to immerse in the natural beauty of a destination.
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