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If only ships/boats didn't frighten the life out of me!
Am I ready to join them? No thanks! I can see the attraction for families of these sort of big AI resorts - even the floating ones - but it would be my idea of hell. And having cruised on much smaller, adult only ships, on seeing these huge ships in port I've often wondered just how long does it take for everybody to embark and disembark when making ports of call?
My idea of hell as well SMa.

Ocean cruising has never attracted me, the thought of spending my holidays along side so many people fills me with dread. I have enjoyed the river cruises that I've been on but even then I didn't like being in such close quarters with the hundred or so other passengers.

Good job we aren't all the same though, I'm certain many people would be bored stiff with the sort of holidays that interest me.
Me too. I'm quite antisocial on holiday. I don't want to see my neighbours sunbathing, nor hear their conversations over the balcony.

We now choose a place that has a totally private balcony 😉
Not for me too.
There's only so many times you can walk around a ship, chose how big it is... And image being on a ship and you get lumbered with someone who is determined to latch onto you or having to suffer their sprogs........crikey what a nightmare.
I'm very antisocial too. :-D
I've seen the cruise ships come into Malaga and the passengers are taken from the port into the city by a fleet of coaches. By 6pm they're taking them back to set sail at 8pm. Can't image they'll see too much of Malaga in a few hours.

If the companies are targeting families, I hope that they've got their act together and are employing lifeguards now.

Sanji x
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Hmmmm ... I could do an adult only cruise on a smaller boat maybe, and I'd rather do the northern Scotland / Scandinavian type cruises rather than the med, although as someone who doesn't fly it's maybe the only option i'll have to see the planet on a world cruise

But on a family orientated boat???? *Shudder*
Parenting standards today involve letting the brats annoy someone else whilst mummy and daddy get drunk and look at their phones, I struggle to go round a supermarket for screaming kids these days (what happened to seen and not heard???) without my headphones, 2 weeks on a boat sounds like hell :(
I've done a couple of cruises quite a few years ago now , one round the Carribean and the other along the coast of Malaysia , really enjoyed both of them , but both adult orientated . Also done a Nile cruise and that was very good too , the only thing I found was that you're really on the go all the time and it's not very restful or peaceful , the best idea would definitely to add some time on the end staying at a nice resort .
Having done over 10 cruises I can honestly say I've never felt 'crowded'. In fact on one cruise with 3000 people hubby and I plus another couple couldn't work out where everyone was, it was so quiet. We decided that as it had been a port day people had gone to bed early exhausted from a full day of exploring!

Seriously though, a cruise, like any holiday, is what you make of it. Pick the ship and itinerary carefully and you shouldn't be disappointed. We are off to San Francisco next year and will be transiting through the Panama Canal - can't wait. Definitely a tick on the bucket list :-o
I think its something that people fear- too many people around all the time. I haven't been on a cruise but probably will at some time in the future. I am a bit not sociable at times. I don't particularly want to share a table with others. However, my neighbours decided to give a cruise a go- and they now go every year! I hope I get a pleasant surprise and change my view on cruises and crowds!
Babs - that sounds like a great cruise! I loved San Francisco. My husband has steered a ship through the canal! Would love to experience that!

I would definitely look at a cruise which wasn't family friendly though!
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Cruising is a great way of seeing differnt places that you would probably never get to go to, and gives you some idea where you woul like to go back to to do some serious exploring, also places that you may have fancied going to but finding a day there was enough.
I have taken my own family and grandkids on a cuises and had a good time however I have also been on a couples cruise at school holiday time and wouldnt want to do that again.
The idea of visiting various places & waking up in a different country appeals to me but I'm scared 😱

I remember Kath (ex Admin), sailing round the bay of Biscay when the captain tannoyed the passengers to put all loose items away safely. They were experiencing 30ft waves..... >>>>>Shudder<<<<< :cry
I'm with Sanji, stuck on a boat for all that time would drive me nuts with the same people. Lol

I'd also absolutely have a full blown breakdown if the waves were big like what you are saying Glynis. I genuinely would not know what to do.
As a parent, the thought of being in an enclosed space with not only my own children but everyone else's sounds like hell. My children are well travelled (one has been to 16 countries, the other to 10). Eurocamp and equivalents have allowed us to experience different cultures at a leisurely pace.
My fear of ships stems from years ago when myself & 3 blokes were travelling home for Christmas from Holland where we were working.

All was fine & we were happily sitting in the bar when the boat started to rock & sway. Up & down. Side to side.

I looked out of the window & couldn't see the sea, only the sky. Then I couldn't see the sky only the sea. :omg
The glasses started to fly across the tables as though they were possessed, the curtains started to close & then reopen. Time to leave the bar.

Trying to walk was, I must admit, funny, as one of us went to one side of the corridor & another bounced off the other wall. 2 steps forwards 3 steps backwards. Side to side. Up & down.

I wanted a helicopter to lift me off! I've been on the ferry lots of times since but am still uncomfortable, the minute it rocks...... :cry
I've been reading a lot of news from Spain lately regarding the good and the bad of mass tourism.
The outstanding consensus of those commenting to the various articles (where comments were allowed) is that cruise ships add nothing to the local economy.

When you have several cruise ships in port, thousands of passengers are traipsing around, usually in the main tourist areas such as the historical centre, and in a tribal fashion following someone with a placard and a megaphone. When there's several groups their megaphones get louder to be heard by everyone in the different groups.
They clog up the streets, they don't buy anything apart from maybe a bottle of water, a coffee and a tatty fridge magnet.....and they make life difficult for everybody else to get around.

Someone commented that there were 7 ships docked in Barcelona a few weeks ago. Assuming that they were different sizes and taking an average of 3,000 passengers per ship, that's 21,000 extra tourists traipsing around some narrow streets.

Madness.  :roll:
Sanji x
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    Typo error.
Translated from Spanish.

Spain registers a record number of 3.6 million cruisers in six months.
Ports of the State predicts that by the end of 2017 will add 8.8 million passengers.Spanish ports accounted for more than 3.62 million cruise passengers between January and June, an increase of 1.7% over the first half of last year and a new historic high, according to data released Friday by Ports Of the State. It is expected that by the end of 2017 will reach a new historical high of 8.8 million passengers.

The figures show that in only ten years has doubled the number of cruise passengers who passed through the ports of Spain, where in 2007 passed 1.8 million cruise users. According to forecasts by the Port Authorities, by 2020 the number of passengers will rise to more than 9.5 million.

By areas, ports located in the Mediterranean accounted for 63.7% of the total number of cruisers between January and June, 2.3 million, with an average increase of 6.64%.
By the Balearic Islands passed 754.616 cruisers, 3.45% more; For Malaga 201,904, 18,28% more, and for Valencia 148,964, 7% more. In Tarragona the increase was 557.8%, with 10,413 passengers; In Almería of 119.9% ​​(13,506), and Cartagena of 42.7% (91,801).

Canary ports, with more than 960,000 passengers and a national market share of 26.5%, experienced a decline of 8.85% due to the strong incidence of seasonality that causes the months with greater 'pull' to focus on winter.
Meanwhile, the ports of the peninsular Atlantic and the Bay of Biscay registered an average growth of 4.7%, to 355,400 cruisers.

Sanji x
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    Block text.
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