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I've just gone into their website http://www.flyzoom.com and it is no longer offering me the option of booking flights but it doesn't give any info. Maybe its just that the site is very busy with concerned passengers and thats why it won't offer the booking option??

Not looking good which is a shame, were losing a lot of these smaller airlines at the moment which will leave the big bad boys to eventually up their fares.

I hope all works out for Zoom and all the best to their staff.

Zoom website now appears to have gone as well......people reporting on another site that tonights flight from Cardiff is stranded there as the oil company has refused to refuel it...which is what finally did for swissair and Sabena...

Very sad..
Zoom seeks administration

Long haul low cost carrier Zoom Airlines has applied for administration.

The airline, founded by Scottish travel industry veterans Hugh and John Boyle, is the latest carrier to suffer from soaring fuel costs and a weakening economy.

Zoom operates transatlantic services from Gatwick and four other UK airports to seven destinations in Canada in addition to Fort Lauderdale, Bermuda, New York and San Diego. Flights also run from Paris and Rome.

It was founded six years ago as a low fare transatlantic carrier based in Ottawa.

Zoom announced today that it had sought creditor protection in view of ‘acutely difficult' trading conditions within the aviation industry.

Zoom is continuing to operate services across its network of routes between the UK, Canada and the US.

The airline said the unprecedented rise in the price of aviation fuel and the current economic climate had created ‘acutely difficult' trading conditions.

Executive chairman said: "Zoom Airlines Limited, based at London Gatwick and Zoom Airlines Inc, based in Ottawa Canada, have sought creditor protection by filing legal notices of intention to appoint an administrator in both the UK and Canada.

"The airline's flights will continue to operate and the decision to instigate creditor protection proceedings means that the demands of existing creditors are frozen while we continue negotiations on an investment package which already are at an advanced stage.

"This situation has resulted in delays for passengers last night and today and we are working extremely hard to get our flights back on schedule. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this has caused passengers."

He added: "Our trading position is a direct consequence of the horrendous increase in the price of aviation fuel and the economic climate.

"The rise in the price of fuel resulted in a $50 million increase in our operating costs during the last year alone and that coupled with the general economic downturn has led to difficulties which are being felt throughout the industry."

Zoom admitted to operational difficulties with a flight to Vancouver on Wednesday which stopped off at Calgary yesterday as a result of an issue regarding the leasing of the aircraft.

The 69 passengers who were travelling on Vancouver from Calgary were found an alternative flight from Calgary to Vancouver and suffered a short delay.

An airline spokesman said: "This had a knock-on effect on services and we are still incurring some delays to services today. However, we are striving to get everything back on track as soon as possible."

With permission from Travelmole
Zoom Airlines now confirms the suspension of all operations and the cancellation of all flights. Further information for customers holding reservations is available by clicking HERE.


I was due to fly to Calgary with Zoom this January as part of a ski package holiday through Thomson Ski. Will my holiday be cancelled or will another flight be arranged for me?

Get on the phone to your tour company straight away and ask what they intend to do since the demise of Zoom. They should be contacting you to explain your options but its probably best getting hold of them first.


I'm sure Thomson will seek to find alternative flights for your package holiday but to be honest I don't think you will get an immediate solution from them tomorrow. The news of Zoom's demise probably came as a surprise to them as well and I fear it will take a couple of weeks for them to sort out revised flight arrangements for their Calgary ski programme.

You are however in a better position than those poor customers who booked a flight direct with Zoom and then put a DIY holiday together with hotels and transfers booked via separate suppliers.
Thanks for the replies. I'll give them a quick call tomorrow, but they do have four months to arrange another flight so all hopefully will not be lost!
Passengers stranded as Zoom ceases operations

Budget transatlantic carrier Zoom Airlines left hundreds of passengers stranded when it ceased operations last night.

Having failed to attract new investors, the airline's owners announced that it had suspended operations with immediate effect.

All flights were cancelled and passengers are being advised to seek bookings with alternative airlines.

Passengers whose travel arrangements have been made as part of a holiday package originating in the UK and booked through a holiday company, may be able to make a claim under the CAA's Air Travel Organiser's Licence scheme and are being advised to consult the CAA ATOL website at http://www.atol.org.uk , a statement said.

Those who have future travel plans involving a Zoom flight for which reservations and payment have been made, are being advised to their credit or debit card company to apply for a refund.

Zoom has also publicised details of other airlines which operate the same or similar routes "in the hope that this may assist passengers in making alternative travel plans".

Zoom blamed an "unprecedented rise in the price of aviation fuel" which resulted in a $50 million increase in operating costs during the last year and the general economic downturn for its downfall.

This combination had made it "impossible for operations to continue".

The airline, founded by Scottish travel industry veterans Hugh and John Boyle, is the latest carrier to suffer from soaring fuel costs and a weakening economy.

Zoom Airlines comprises Zoom Airlines Inc, based in Canada, and Zoom Airlines Ltd, based at Gatwick. Both companies began administration proceedings yesterday (see previous TravelMole story).

The airline employs 450 staff in Canada and 260 in the UK and operated flights from six UK airports, Gatwick, Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff, Belfast, Cardiff as well as Paris and Rome. It flew to eight destinations in Canada, New York, San Diego, Fort Lauderdale and Bermuda.

Hugh and John Boyle said: "We deeply regret the fact that we have been forced to suspend all Zoom operations. It is a tragic day for our passengers and more than 600 staff.

"We are desperately sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment that this will cause passengers and those who have booked flights.

"We have done everything we can to support the airline and left no stone unturned to secure a re-financing package that would have kept our aircraft flying."

They said that even as late yesterday they believed they had secured a new investment package to ensure future operations "but the actions of creditors meant we could not continue flying".

"Having been unable to complete the investment package the directors of Zoom had no option but to instigate administration proceedings," they said.

"The suspension of operations is a result of the exceptionally difficult trading conditions which have affected all airlines over the last 12 months.

"We have worked hard over the last seven years to build up a successful business but have incurred losses in the current year due to the unprecedented increase in the price of aviation fuel and the economic climate.

"The increase in the price of oil has added around $50 million to our annual operating costs and we could not recover that from passengers who had already booked their flights.

"We would like to thank the many thousands of passengers who chose to travel with Zoom during the last seven years and efforts of the airline's staff. We are extremely sorry for today's unavoidable actions."

The collapse of Zoom follows the failure of Asian low fares long haul airline Oasis Hong Kong and transatlantic business class carriers Silverjet, MAXjet and Eos.

Zoom collapsed with 60,000 forward bookings

Zoom Airlines failed with 60,000 forward bookings, the Civil Aviation Authority sais this morning.

In addition, there are 4,500 UK passengers abroad left stranded by the collapse of the budget transatlantic carrier.

The CAA warned those passengers who booked direct with the carrier that they have to make alternative arrangements with other airlines.

The same applies to UK travellers who were due to fly back to the UK with Zoom.

This is because the CAA's ATOL scheme does not cover customers who book flights directly with airlines such as Zoom.

Passengers with forward bookings who booked using a credit card are advised by the CAA to contact their credit card company about refunds.

Those who paid by debit or charge card should contact their card company for advice about full or a partial refund where only part of the journey has been completed, according to the CAA.

Customers with travel insurance should check their policy to see whether any airline insolvency cover was provided.

UK customers that purchased air holiday packages that included Zoom Airlines flights or charter flights from a tour operator should contact their operator or travel agent about alternative travel arrangements, the CAA advised.

Non-UK passengers are advised to contact their home country's aviation/consumer protection organisation or their credit card company for advice and information about whether they are able to obtain refunds or assistance.

With permission from Travelmole
My brother, sister-in-law and baby niece were due to fly to Calgary with sister-in-law's parents and their partners on 2 different flights in October for a family wedding but Zoom cancelled all their flights (the last of the season) 2 or 3 weeks ago so it looks to me like they have been trying for several weeks to cut their costs in a bid to keep solvent.
Friends of ours went to and from NYC last week. Neither leg was on a Zoom aircraft

And their were mutterings from the staff they did speak to from Zoom
It is a pity they could not inform people on their website trying to book flights that they will not be operating. Friends of ours booked a flight on 26th August. They were happy to take their money then.

Friends not happy
Following the XL situation, I wonder how staff and employees of this and other airlines see ther future. It is disappointing for the public but it must be worrying for staff of all grades. Having gone through this twice in my career I took control for myself and went in to business. I have never looked back.

We were booked onto Pure Flights by Airflight.co.uk. Pure Flights went bust at the same time as Zoom. We had to pay for new flights on the same plane and at the same time with Freedom Flights . While we were away in Crete Freedom flights went bust with its parent XL air. Fortunately we had ATOL and ABTAcover. and will get our money back for original flights . Airflight.co.uk were able to effect a rescue. Well that was what the press called it. You can always rely on the press to make a situation worse. We were not stranded and got home a few hours later with a little inconvenience of staying at the airport for a few hours longer. It will keep the conversation going at those interminable dinner parties during the winter.!!

Tip to anyone... make sure you get ATO ABTA cover...... before you book flight.
how i can change my user name in this forum? send me a message
i was very pleasantly surprised! it was nothing fancy, but the plane seemed fine, the staff were really very nice, the movies were on overhead screens, the food wasn't worth mentioning (though it never is). we left on time, arrived on time both ways.
Yes, that must have been a pleasant surprise jeradcjerry. The airline ceased operations 3 years ago.

David :wave

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