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Yes we know Zurrieq quite well as we have walked to it, and through it on our way to Safi, Kirkop, Qrendi and Mqabba on quite a few occasions, what would you like to know ? if I can help you I will.

hi sliema2 we will be staying in zurrieq when we go to malta so we would be interested in anything you can tell us ie is the area nice any good restaurants/eateries ect can you recommend anything or anywere to us. thank you for taking the time to reply :)
Hello maltable, Zurrieq is named after the Arabic meaning Azure or Blue from the clear blue waters of Wied iz Zurrieq (Blue Groto) about a mile a way. There is a medieval church and near the blue groto there are some temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra, you can get the 32 and 34 bus to M-dina, there is a market on Thursdays and the Festa is on the last Sunday of September.
I do believe you can see the island of Filfia from round here as well :tup


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