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Grand Hotel

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Margate, Kent, United Kingdom

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James Massey
17 years 4 months ago
I recently stayed in this hotel my parents after a family birthday party in margate, and I must agree with a previous reviewer in saying this is the worst hotel I have EVER stayed in. The hotel was dirty, run-down and generally delapidated. The floors had holes in them, the carpet was filthy, and the decor I can only describe as vomit inducing.

Fortunatly, we arrived too late for dinner, so I can only comment on breakfast which again was disgusting. The food was sub-standard, and as far as I am concerned was not fit even for animal consumption.

There really are no redeeming features of this hotel, and if it were not for the fact that we were only staying the one night, I would have left immediatley. And to add insult to injury,

Travel operator: Direct with hotel

17 years 7 months ago
st georges hotel, previously the grand hotel, cliftonville, margate, kent.

it was a depressing hotel, there was an underground tunnel to the facilities, very poor decor, thread bare carpets with unsafe corridor, badly understaffed, there was only one lift in use for 3 floors, the area was very poor, with boarded up houses, very run down indeed, i would definitely not recommend this hotel to anyone.

Travel operator: unknown

17 years 11 months ago
This is the most awful hotel I have ever stayed in -IN THE WORLD! It is so tatty and run down.
Wheelchairs are charged for on a per jounrney basis! The decor is terrible -doors look as if they have been kicked in, windows didnt shut-televisions didnt work the whole place was like something from a nightmare. It is situated in a very run down part of Margate with lots of premisis boarded up - not pleasent! Exreemly long work from your room to a dining hall between 15 - 30 mins depending if you were fit or not.
on saying all this the staff tried their best but you cannot make asilk purse from a sows ear. I will never go back

Travel operator: Unknown

18 years 4 months ago
It was a dirty place - I was "lucky" enough to be staying in a "Premier" room as compensation for a previous apalling experience in the company's sister hotel in Brighton, and the room was, at least, a reasonable size with a sea view, although there were cigarette burns on the table and chairs ( in a non-smoking room...........) The food was awful, I wasn't offered a vegetarian choice and when I asked for one I was offered "battered cod with chips and mushy peas" - when I accepted, the waiter walked down the road to the local fish and chip shop to get the meal !!!!! ( quite truthful) The waiters and waitresses were exclusively local 16 year olds and were scruffy and rude and presumably completely untrained. The gym was dangerous and unstaffed. the area was awful, the only thing missing being the syringes in the gutter ! On arrival on my first night I was late as the road into Margate was closed due to an accident. By the time I had found a route into Margate, it was 7pm and I was told on checking-in that I had missed Dinner as I "should have been thee for 7pm" ( no-one had told me )When I pointed out that I had been delayed for 2 hours by a serious accident I was told that I had "10 minutes to get to Dinner" what a welcome, what a dive, what an experience. It should be condemned by the Health and Safety people and the kitchens closed down.

Travel operator: Grand Hotels Group

19 years 4 months ago
This is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. It was (literally) a ten minute walk from our room to the dining room through an underground tunnel, which, although the best kept part of the hotel, was so long I'd lost my appetite by the time I got there. The decor was poor with holes in the walls, carpets were threadbare, windows wouldn't shut (and we had a luxury room). Staff were over familiar and often rude. Food was awful and lukewarm (luxury dining room again) I would hate to have stayed in the budget or county rooms.

It was so bad we came home 3 days early and were willing to forego the money already paid out.

It is on the sea front, situated in a dreadfully run down and boarded up area, with a long walk into Margate

Travel operator: Unknown

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