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Polychrono, Πολύχρονο, Polichrono 63085, Greece

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19 years 8 months ago
Just back on Thursday 12 Aug 04.

The rooms were "ok" I suppose by Greek standards, very very basic by say Spanish standards.

We had a so call 3 - 4 bed on bedroomed appartment, so naturally you would expect a separate bedroom with a kitchen diner and a couple of sofa beds. WRONG... we had one room with a double and one single bed, no chairs or settee, a small wardrobe and side cabinate by the bed.As it happened it didnt matter for us as we had booked two apps, so at least the kids had their own, just as well as I would not have wanted to "share" a room with a 15 and 16 year old.

Our room was over looking a building site (nice) with no view apart from a half built building, this was about 20 feet away so it gave us no view at all. The workmen started at 8am on week days.

The rooms were stuffy and if you wanted a fan you had to hire it (very expensive) other people said they made no difference anyway.

Make sure you get a room at the front preferably over looking the pool (which I will come on to later) at least you will have a better outlook and there are two doors , one each end of the room which can be opened to ley some air in.(which our rooms didnt .Incidently we were in rooms 29 and 30 so watch out for these and close numbers to these.

The pool was VERY small, with about 8 sunbeds cramped in and the usual towels left on every bed by about 8am (every morning) I hate this habit people have almost as much as a reclining seat on a plane with somebodys head in my face.Im alright Jack attitude.

As it happend we always went to the beach anyway. No choice really.

The barman, son in law to the boss, had a real chip on his shoulder, the black is white , white is black attitude.When trying to make polite conversation for e.g about restaurants he said he would recommend anywhere or give an opinion. I said I would eat where it looked busy (usually a safe bet) he then accused me of being a sheep who follows etc, yeah , whatever.His name was Ant***o, Get the idea , gave up in the end and spend my money else where. The bar was always DEAD, should be open till 1am usually closed by 11:30pm, Guess why no customers , read previous.

The resort of Polichrono is okay provided you only want to eat and eat and eat.......Couldnt find any bars as such all tavernas.

The beach was okay , shingleish.

Hired a car and drove around both accessable peninsulars.Stopping at every resort on the way, so I have seen every resort in Halkidiki and could find one which I would honestly want to return to. Dont get me wrong the sencerey if is wonderfull. Just that all the resorts are "the same". I did about 500 miles so I saw it all. Car hire about 215 euros a week for a small car.

Perhaps i am being a bit critical. my wife liked the area better than me abut after a week out of two the kids 15 and 16 year olds were getting a bit bored with it all and so was I.

I wanted to return to Sharm el Shiek on the Red sea this year and wish I had.

The sanitation is as with everywhere in Greece, you have to put your used toilet paper in a bin by the loo, which I find disgusting, however you do get kinda used to it after a day of two.

If you like Greece and the quiet life you may like Halkidiki if you like a bit more night life think again.



Travel operator: global sun

19 years 9 months ago
Small and friendly
We were there just for a week (end of july)
Nice and quiet atmosphere,lots of gardens
Pool bar music is chill out,nice for relaxing.
Hot weather no wind at all
I think that i will try it again

Travel operator: Golden Sun

19 years 10 months ago
Sarikas Studio apartments, Polichrono, Halkidiki.
The family run resort was clean and compact within easy reach of bars restaurants and the beach. I personally found the family very easy to talk to and helpful. It was quite hilly in places but after a few drinks you didnt notice it. The weather was good and I definatly will be going again this year.

Travel operator: golden sun


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