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1074 Budapest, Dohany utca 64, Hungary

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Personal item goes missing, but it's OK - they trust the maid!
6 years 3 months ago
I stayed in this hotel with a friend from 30th January until 3rd February 2018. Anything positive I had to say about this hotel has been over ridden by an incident involving a night dress which went missing from my room! After my first night's stay my friend and I returned to our hotel room after a day out around Budapest. Beds had been made up and everything seemed fine until I went to put on my night dress. It wasn't on my pillow like the day before, so I searched the bed, under the bed, my suitcase, the bathroom, basically turned the room upside down and no sign of it anywhere. I had left it on top of the bed that morning, my lovely new black night dress :( I reported it missing to reception and they said they would check with house keeping and laundry in the morning. They suggested it had maybe been lifted by mistake and mixed up with the laundry.

House keeping and laundry enquiries turned up nothing! Seems strange that an item could be lifted by mistake with laundry as no bedding or towels were changed until our check out, plus my night dress was black, bedding and towels are white! I got home and e-mailed the manager to see if my night dress had turned up so they could post it back to me...still no night dress. I asked for compensation seeing as it was due to the negligence of their hotel and staff that it had gone missing. I only asked for enough to replace my missing item. I got this reply:

" In consultation with Hotel Management in the absence of evidence unfortunately we cannot provide any compensation for you.

There has never been a case like this in our hotel. If it would be a habit in our hotel that the Housekeepers steal dresses from our guests we could not run our business.

As we wrote in our former e-mail the House Attendant who cleaned your room (#106) is a very reliable cleaner and we are working with her long since without any complain. We trust her.

In the absence of evidence we cannot accuse her of theft."

So are they telling me that they don't trust me and that I made this up?? I'll leave it to your own conclusion, but my night dress did not vanish into thin air, get lifted by the boogie man or aliens! I found this very creepy at the time that someone had been in the room and lifted my night dress. Both my friend and I and hotel staff turned the room upside down looking for it, it wasn't in that room. My missing night dress was a nuisance as no night dress for the rest of my stay and my friend and I felt unsure about whether the room was safe to leave anything in!!

Very poor customer service and what became of my night dress I will never know, all I can say is that someone has lifted it from the room and this was the hotels' fault. Stay here with the knowledge that if something goes missing from your room they will not offer anything in terms of compensation regardless of the fact that it was their fault, and make you feel like they don't believe your complaint. Very annoyed about the whole incident and would not recommend staying here!!!

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