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Are you disabled or know someone who is? What are your experiences of hotels and resorts as a disabled person?

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Thinking of trying Zakynthos this year. Has anyone found any particular resort or hotel to stay in that's suitable for someone with walking difficulties? Can do a few steps or stairs as long as there's a handrail but really looking for somewhere close to shops, restaurants/bars and beach to avoid walking far. Are there footpaths or do you have to walk on the edge of the road? Any scooter hire available and would this be advisable?
I have copied this to the Greece forum as well so please check both forums :) Hopefully we will get the advice you need :)
Hi Aish.
We visited Zante in 2008, stayed in Tsilivi.
My wife has mobility issues and uses a wheelchair.
Tsilivi in itself is nice enough, but not suitable for anyone with walking difficulties.
The main area has no pavement and has a few nasty/blind corners.
The kerbs are ridiculously high and some of the shops have no access for wheelchairs.

We eventually had to be moved to another location, Kalamaki.
Which was a self-catering complex and suitable for our needs.

Now i cannot comment on Zante as a whole, but Tsilivi was not for us.
Hope you find something suitable.
Thanks Jimmy

Will avoid Tsilivi so. Where did you stay in Kalamaki?
Was it easier to get around?
Hi Aish, we stayed in the Macedonia Hotel.
The place itself was flat, and we had a disabled room. Plenty room for the wheelchair.
As it was self catering there is a 20 min walk to the town for food, although there is a food bar in the hotel.
Easier to get around than Tsilavi.
The flight path is within touching distance overhead :really

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