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We have booked the Coastline next January with Travel Republic (Youtravel).

Out of interest I decided to have a look and see if the prices had gone up or down! I could find no availability for January, February or March. I then checked on Portland and Thomson and also found the same (even checked November). It does come up if you try and book on the hotels own website but it is not a brilliant website and not always up to date.

I can't believe that the hotel is full for all that time although I am aware that it is used for conferences (have been before).

Do you think there is something we are not being told? Or am I just being overly cautious?


Well done!!! We have been looking for availability for late November/December and like you have drawn a blank. Just today my curiosity made me decided to phone Chevron and they said that it was probably because the prices and allocations had not been sorted out yet and that I needed to try later on the net to check availability. However, I don't believe a word of what they said and like you I reckon that there might be something we're not being told. I have considered contacting the hotel direct to ask them. :think

Could this be the end of The Coastline as we know it??? :cry

I also have considered contacting the Coastline direct - may well do so later today. I really am not sure where else to stay if the Coastline is not open. We have booked Air Malta flights so can't cancel them and rebook for somewhere else.

I did wonder if perhaps they are closing for refurbishment. We like a number of others whilst having no problems with the hotel in general did feel that the rooms were looking a little tired. A couple of hotels that we have stayed in in Majorca have found that the most efficient way to spruce up the place is to close for a few weeks. However, this seems to be more than a few weeks.

Watch this space!


We thought that a refurb. might be a possibility, but why not let folks know, so that they can look elsewhere to stay?? If it is a refurb. We just wonder whether it will reopen as an upmarket 5 star, or as has been shown with the Golden Sands, many rooms sold off for timeshare? Also remember that the Golden Sands was completely demolished and rebuilt so could this be what is happening? :think

We are very interested in any info. about the real reason why there seems to be no availability from later this year so if you glean anything please let us know - and I will do likewise,

I have emailed the hotel so we will see what they say when they reply.

I have also sent an email this morning, to the Hotel,

No reply yet from the Coastline - a little slow!

well I just tried booking via their website - no availability in Oct, Nov or Dec (I checked a few random dates), but there is in Jan 2009
there was a recent refurbishment

from their website

24/04/2007 - Coastline Hotel launches new Pool Area for this summer season
In line with the Island Hotels Group corporate philosophy the Coastline Hotel has undergone extensive refurbishment in the past few months. New carpets were fitted in all floors and public areas, which give the surroundings an overwhelmingly relaxed feel.
Guests can also relax in maximum comfort and tranquility around the recently refurbished pool area.
"Through improved comfort and facilities we hope to deliver a better product to our guests .We look forward to a very busy summer." said Malcolm Buhagiar, General Manager of the Coastline Hotel.
Yes there had been some refurbishment - as you say new carpets in public areas etc. However the rooms have not been done and they do look quite 'tired'. They really need to close for that.

I found availability in January on both the island hotels website and expedia but none on Thomson or Travel Republic. Both of those sites had availability when we booked about 3 weeks ago.
Very strange.


Thanks for your concern and efforts with this one. We were at the Coastline both in December and early last month. Some of the areas have indeed been refurbed but when it comes to the 'grand picture' for the future of their business, who knows what they are planning.

It seems from your attempts to book availibility they may be shut for three months. Just curious as to the reason why,

I have received an email from the Coastline. As from the end of September holidays in the Coastline will only be bookable with one tour operator - Saga Holidays! :cry

I think this answers our question pippa,

Oh!! I wonder if my booking with Travel republic still holds firm then. I will have to contact them. I still have not heard from the Coastline.

If Coastline not available then any suggestions where we might go??

hi.pippa...........can you not go with saga............ :tongue :rofl :whoops .
Hi John,

We actually have our flights booked and to cancel would mean losing the money. Also Saga have always come out more expensive.

I have contacted Travel Republic to see what they say.

We definitely can't go with Saga because we take our 16 year old son (who loves Malta), with us and guests have to be over 50, so I believe. Don't particularly like just having to use one company anyway!!!

So it looks like finding somewhere else now. Mind you we're probably ready for a change, because we've used the Coastline such a lot in recent years that staying there was becoming synonymous with going to Malta!

Could you possibly pm me with your reply from the Coastline as I still have not heard anything.

To use a Saga hotel only one pax has to be over 50 years old. Not sure you can take children though ( or if you'd want to )


I still doubt if our 16 year old son would be welcome at the Hotel once Saga have taken over. Besides that I doubt if he would feel comfortable surrounded by what to him would be old people. I don't think we'd like to holiday with Saga anyway even if we didn't have our son with us!

We have decided that the Coastline is a no no for us in the future and we will be looking for somewhere else to stay! Suggestions welcome,


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