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In Gumbet you will find that prices vary a lot depending on where you eat. The restaurants along the main street and along the beach front are usually more expensive but if you go to some of the smaller places a little further back you can still find very good valeu for money food. Try eating in some of the local Turkish restaurants on the way out of Gumbet towards Bodrum, not only will it be a lot cheaper but the quality of the food is very good.

Also if you stay at an apartment you can have some lunch or snacks in your room during the day, fresh bread, cheese, salad, fruit and cold drinks can all be kept in your fridge. There are a few big supermarkets near to Gumbet so you can stock up. You can always eat cheaply if you want to.

One of our regular members here, Gumbet Jakki, is out there at the moment and she will be able to give you some ideas on prices of food and drinks when she comes on next.
Thanks Kedi

We have been to Gumbet 2 years ago, we sometimes had lunches in the rooms ans stocked up from the supermarket with breads and cheeses. We did manage to eat out for the 2 weeks and found the prices in 2009 very reasonable. It will be interesting to hear of the changes.

Thanks again


We went to Gumbet last July. Our daughter was 14 at the time. For a starter, main and 2 drinks each we were spending between 80 and 90lira. In a few places our daughter ate for free (adult meal) because my brother in law is hard faced and asked in every place we went if kids eat free (his were 12 and 8 ) ;) . I can honestly say we didn't have a bad meal during the 2 weeks we were there.
They haven't gone up all that much. We had a fantastic amphora kebab at Bizim Ev restaurant the other night for 20 lira each. Their menu is one of the cheapest I have found and the food is great. Off to eat at Chinatown tonight so will look at their prices as well.

Jak xx
Thanks for the replies on the prices, I have looked at the reviews of the restaraunts on this site, this has also helped. Any more current updates would be appreciated. We had the Amphora kebabs last time...they were amazing.


I dont know how the prices in icmeler compare with gumbet but going off the current prices a set meal consisting of soup starter,any chicken,pizza or pasta dish and ice cream will set you back 17 /18 lire if you like your red meat then this has gone up slightly as has alcohol due to alleged tax increases,some establishments are charging up to 7 lire for a large coke/sprite (which i find a joke).I tend to only use a couple of bars where i get discount and a meal (chicken plank for example) five white wines and soda and two cups of tea came to 40 lire but as i say this is with a discount.There is talk that steak will go up to anything from 28 to 38 lire but the exchange rate is quite good at the moment, if however it drops to 2.2 or less then i think things will seem a tad expensive.The turkish places are very reasonable and the food is a lot better on the whole although sometimes when you are visiting for a two week holiday particually with children you are more inclined to use the touristy places as entertainment is usually thrown in.
There has been a tax increase on alcohol but that should be no reason to put up soft drink prices, especially not to 7 lira :yikes
exactly,it is an absolute joke then some bar/hotel owners have the cheek to complain about the number of brits who go for the all inclusive option ,if you are a family of four you cant really afford not to ,soft drinks are dearer than alcohol in a lot of the main bars ,and its even more infuriating when you know for a fact that the coke/fanta/sprite is bought by the bottle from the local kippa/migros/tansas then put in a glass half filled with ice they must be making a bomb on it!!!!(i must add its 7 lire for a large glass 3/50 small)
It's the same as here I guess, soft drinks cost more sometimes! That said, even with the exchange rate at a reasonable 2.50 to £, it still means a typical steak meal is £10-£14, the same or more even than England!

I said last year how prices had crept up, and this is my fifth year going, but its far more expensive than places like Tenerife (albeit prettier in parts). I know people bang on how the scenery and people are great, you could say the same about Italy, but would you holiday there? Of course not, because you need a morgatage to holiday in Italy.

I'm all for supporting people, but quite obviously when the charges for soft drinks are that high, it is pretty shocking. Did the tax on soft drinks rise along with alcohol?

How can one country go from being the cheapest place in Europe, to being potentially the dearest? A greedy government I guess?

And yes if that exchange rate drops any lower, than it'll be very expensive. 2.50 is reasonable, but not with the price rises that I hear about.
i think the tax rises can are inevitable as with most countrys* there isnt as much going into the pot as out*and it is said that alot of people working in bars and restaurants in touristy areas dont pay the amount of tax they are supposed to if any) so an incresase on alcohol,cigarettes,petrol etc could cover lost revenue to a point i suppose.The current prime minister i hear isnt very pro british, a little anti alcohol ,more traditional and wantsto focus on encouraging russian tourists as they are a very large market he has scrapped visa rules so they have free entry to the country and vice versa etc etc... but then again i have only heard this from turks who are anti erdogan ,obviously there will be people who think he is wonderful.
I have heard similar things from Turkish friends and have yet to meet one who supports him but of course Turkey is a huge place and the tourist areas are a tiny part. In 20 years of frequent visits to Turkey the steep price rises seem to have happened in the last 2 or 3 years but they have everywhere. As someone else said eating and drinking out in Italy is very expensive and even worse is Switzerland. We had a trip to Barcelona and that was very pricey, I still remember the 8 euros for a small beer. I haven't been to Gumbet for a couple of years so can't comment on prices there. However we have just returned from Kalkan, Kas, Fethiye and Datca and now think eating out is generally the same price as UK and in some cases more. We self cater and find ourselves eating in more and more. If you buy fresh produce from the market (apart from meat) it is still generally cheaper but venture into some of the supermarkets and you can expect to pay much the same or more than the UK. As someone mentioned go along to lokantas away from beach fronts and you will still find good value food but of course many people on holiday like somewhere with a view and more comfort. One tip is always ask to see a menu and always check your bill. We had an incident a couple of weeks ago when we did see the menu and chose chicken salads for 15 lira. When the bill came they were 23! We queried it and were told the 15 lira ones were on last years menu. I still love going to Turkey but these days we are a little more careful of where we spend our money.

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