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Did everybody have a good holi festival... Ours was really good fun, I've attached a few photos of the day...

has anyone else got stained hair, skin?? My dear grey haired mother now has bright green hair - It's very funny! :) Not sure how long it will take to come out...
we all had a fabulous HOLI, dragon07 meagain mamtenbi my son me and all our other halves had a crazy time, yes i have totally purple hair, which refuses to budge, and my sons G/F has green hair, meagain has a pink beard and Dragon ...dont ask :rofl a wild time all round, we started in calangute and ended up stopping for relief at the public bar probably the only place that would have us... covered head to foot as we were...then walked the length of the beach to Baga where we had lunch and swam in the sea trying to get clean!!!! amazing day ;)
yes poipleshadow and chilly,we had a great day,then went back to the public bar that night to say hello by this time after several showers i was just lightly coloured found the best thing to wash with is that soap stuff called vim like washing with a brillo pad,also makes your silver shine too,but mrs dragons hair is still pink,purple and yellow :rofl :rofl
Hi Chilly, is your hair still purple? My dear mothers hair is still green, although not so vibrant....

dragon07, I still have stained nails and neck.... are we the only ones silly enough to get involved? No one else out there in holiday truths land????
yes poipleshadow still very very purple :rofl i think there were a few HT'ers caught up in it judging by tonight at the meet!!! :rofl glad you had a great time... we certainly did ;)
yes poipleshadow but the whole of this forum has been vey quiet all season
I used to remember when there were so many people on this, it's sad i it's not being used quite so much.. Maybe all the ones who celebrated holi are still on holiday and haven't had a chance to post yet (o maybe not quite as sad as us lot! :))
Ann wash her hair in Vanish gel and lemon juice and it looked a lot better but she got ambushed in Baga this afternoon and is now a red head :rofl
We were in Calangute during Holi, our friend didn't want his new silk shirt ruined so he managed to bypass the guys with the paint as did my other half and another friend but only because I agreed they could put some (only) on my face..............mmmmmmmm some agreement LOL I ended up with it up my arms and in my hair too and my fringe still has a red tinge about it even after several washes. Oh well!

Am I bovvered.........not in the slightest, it's all part of the fun. :rofl

Was on our way to get tiger prawns from the jetty at Chapora today and got ambushed again, the whole village was out in force and paradeing around with people playing drums and having a great time.

Nobody going into the village could get away so everyone was covered in paint

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