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Hi folks.Anyone any idea what date Holi Festival is next year,gonna book soon and would like to be there for it ,cheers.
Look here - - it's march11th
Be prepared- I wasn't this year :duh
x lassi
Sorry try this
Please read the safety tips it's brilliant :rofl
Shigmo is the Goan version of Holi, the fesitval of spring, the colourful day should be on the 11th March this year,the parades will be held around this time in many areas, Panjim is the largest.
Sorry don't know the exact date but it's usually a few days after the day of colours. Best to look in the local press near the time.
x lassi
I hope to catch some of it when we get there on the 14th of march ....will it still be on I think I have read in here it goes on for a week am I right :que
Oh good, we shall be there as we arrive on 8th. A great atmosphere and we love the carnival procession too.

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