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Does any one know the exact dates for HOLI this year, I know it differs slightly every year, I missed it last year and I deffo want to be there at the right time
Hi vvv, do you mean carnival?
I think the last day of it is the 25th March!!! Absolutely great fun!!!
Holi is the day of and the day after the full moon.

Not sure when the exact date is for March but I have been told the 17th and also the 25th. I was told the 25th by a Hindu friend of mine (Holi is a Hindu Festival) so I would go with that.

Thing is Full Moon dates do vary depending on where you are in the world although I wouldn't think they would vary very much. For the U.K. it is definitely the 25th but I do not know the exact date for India. If someone can find out when the Full Moon is in Goa in March then that's when the Holi Festival is.
I know it starts around the 24th/25th of march. Does anyone know how long it lasts for.

Is it just for the day or do the celebrations go on for a while.
Lasted for a week in Candolim last year (over Easter),got covered in the dreaded powder,but good fun ! If you ask shack/bar owner etc..they will tell you when the 'bonfire' will be lit (lots of drunks jumping over and walking in it !!) - take a camera,has nearly always been held on waste land near the New Coconut Inn - just off Candolim crossroads,and close to temple.
cheers spike

we wanted to go over for the start but the only flight we could get was on the 25th of march, be good if we can catch the last of it. will send an email to find out when it will be lit.
Hi All

If you can get over to goa during holi i certainly recommend it. Not had so much fun in ages.

Hers some pics
Hi Mrstella

Looks like you had a good Holi and a great time, :pele my turn next week.
Happy Holi MrStella

I seen a group of men in Calangute fighting, obviously all drunk and covered in paint...quite a spectacle
Yeah was great fun.

Went to the football pitch between candolim and calangute and picked up the proceedings from there.

The locals were just getting the locals, but alas i had a few pints that day and it was all fair game :lol: i ended up throwing some colour through the bus windows the next thing the locals were jumping on the buses and getting everyone on the bus and jumping off the back. Taxis taking ppl for meals were an easy target and even got some german i think woman who had stopped her bike about 20 yards away to do a u turn run like a madman caught her and threw a load of red colour down her back, she stopped 10 yards further down screaming abuse at the locals who were falling around laughing. She did have a nice white suit on though :lol: :lol:

Would recommend it to everyone but please do not wear anything you are not prepared to throw away, and also remember you will be stiill a very silly colour for a few days. Think it took 5 days of scrubbing to get nails clean.
Hi Mrstella
Glad you had a nice hols enjoyed your pics
looks like you were having a great time.
cmj :)
8) MrSteela can i say that your wedding suits were very smart.Lovely job. 8)
Just realised our trip to Goa coincides with Holi :yikes . I seem to remember 10 years ago when we were last there ( same period ) we managed to dodge the coloured powder throwing. I was trying to remember how long it went on for in North Goa - just one day or longer ?? Also does it happen day and night ?? Its just that my partner has problems with skin allergies and this coloured powder being thrown at her will probably not do her much good. I remember seeing one or two tourists going ballistic after being covered in this coloured powder.
Holi usually lasts for about 1 week, each different locality celebrates it on different days. Don't wear anything decent just in case you do get holi'd.
Generally the locals will leave the tourists alone unless you show an interest in having a bit of holi fun!!! You do get the odd person who will chuck it over anyone and watch out!!!

As previous said, Holi lasts for about a week, and it is great fun, the powder is like the powder paint you had at school so dunno if that will affect your wife.

Also as said dont wear anything decent as it will just go in the bin as it will be trashed, on a side note the areas that are celebrating are highlighted in the press the day before so you will have advanced warning.

If there is a way of testing your wifes allergy when you get there or if it is a problem book her into a health shop so she can get pampered and then get yourself into the celebrations as its an experience not to be missed.

Heres some pictures of the last holi in candolim

Also a trick we found out after we got covered was to 1 wear a head scarf and 2 cover your hands and face etc with coconut oil as this helps get the colour off rather than spending days of scrubbing.


When is Holi festival ? We are in Goa from Feb 25th for 2 weeks does this coincide, if so will need to repack.
Dont worry you miss it by a couple of days, starts on the 15th march this year, shame really as its great fun.

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