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Coooool!!! We've not booked our hol yet - so will maybe hold back on going till around that time, going to the festival would be amazing!
Actually, have just looked at your pics Mrstella - and now I'm worried!!! It looks like you had a fantastic time - one question though - how long did it take you to wash all the paint off you??!!!
took one good wash to get rid of the bulk of it, however the bathroom was trashed as it stained all the walls etc :shock: however to get it all off took a week or so, mainly under your finger nails etc hence the tip of covering yourself with coconut oil as that forms a barrier so you just have one wash and its all gone.


Oh well - better dig out the old t shirts and shorts then. The coconut oil tip sounds good !!
Mr Stella

Are you sure about the 15th. We have an option to go on the 16th or the 18th and it might just sway me towards the 16th.
Can't wait to see this we go on the 7th March for 3 weeks so will be there for it. Usually got in February and have never heard of it before sounds like good fun.

Hi Fritz

Yes according to various sites it starts on the 15th depending on where you are staying will determine when the celebrations are, if you let me know what resort you are in i can txt my friend in goa and ask if he knows what date they will be celebrating in that town.

It normally lasts for about a week and just moves from town to town so you will be able to head somewhere to get involved no matter what date you leave on.


For those of you who have been to Thailand- is this festival similar to Songkran?
yes it is fiona

except change water to powder paint :-) also some ppl put the powder in bottles of water which creates a dye effect and spray you with that and that proper trashes your clothes.
We had great fun in Thailand and looked a right state at the end but I' m not too sure I would have enjoyed it so much if it had been paint!
Mr Stella

I'll certainly be in North Goa, based in Candolim.
sounds like great fun we get there 26th March will we miss it? Hope not sounds fantastic, even better if it's in North Goa as in Calengute
Hi Fritz

Will text my friend to see if he has any dates yet, but based on last year it was towards the end of the week so you will be fine if you leave on the 16th.

Rayofsunshine yes looks like you will have missed it by then :(


From what I have managed to find out it is from the 14th to the 18th March.

Mapusa will be fully Holi Festival'd for the duration but the 18th sounds particularly promising.

Hopefully you rman will confirm Mrstella

Forgot to mention. Apparently it all starts the day after the full moon, which in March is the 14th so the 15th does sound right.
I heard the Festival is from 25th Feb to 28th Feb and that was from a local Goan.
25th to 28th Feb sounds more like the dates for the khobra vaddo banana festival?????
were is goan dentist when we need him :o surely he will know ,
had a txt from Bobby at bobbys shack and he says its in april :shrug
It would appear to be on the 14th March
info here
You may find this site interesting.

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