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Tony - you are such a smart a**e

Why thank you Gemma :wink: Do like to be helpful as well :wink:
:kiss :kiss Thankyou so much Fiona you brought HOLI ..back up of me ...I went and had a look at Peters photos they are class I cant wait to be in goa in march and see it all for myself .....Peter said if you plaster yourself in coconut oil and put a head scarf on this will be of great help ....and this just goes to show what a great job you have done with this goa forum now we will all know a few wee tips RE Holi thanks to H/Ts ...colleen :ghug
Good idea irishcolleen, I was covered from head to toe this year, all that was visable was the whites of my eyes and although I put on my oldest gear in preparation, it was very hard to remove the dye.

I put on my oldest gear in preparation, it was very hard to remove the dye.

lin, bet you still enjoyed it though :wink:
You are right tony and I have to admit afer many years of being the victim I threw the first punch, I went to the beach armed with bags of colour, and sneacked up on everyone who had caught me off guard the previous year, but come midday I looked like a bag of melted jelly babies,
It's best just to go prepared and also to go with the flow as there really is no escape.

Thanks Gemma 33 for the promt reply unfortunatly we will miss it
this year :(
jubileepat and andy :glynis
Must say, it's a great festival to experience, especially if you women like make up :wink:
On a cautionary note several Goan friends have expressed concerns that it is now getting a bit out of hand and some of the local youths are going over the top, especially once the Fenni takes a hold. Also in past years there has been a lot of talk in the Indian press regarding some of the dyes and powders being carcogenic !! It's not my cup of tea but as long as my shack owner keeps them out of his shack it's o.k. by me. I much prefer the festival in Thailand where everyone gets soaked with water and flour, the whole population seems to take part in it, and it seems much more fun for everyone, and it doesnt ruin your clothes. Alan
Thats a lovely photo Tone, thanks for sharing that FUN festival memory with the rest of us. :wink :lol: Cant wait to be out there next March when it will be held while i am there. Hope to get plastered! :lol:
Ive got some great pics from last years Holi do i post them in this section :hmmm
"upped" for Trixxi :D
thankyou Fiona! my word dont know whether to look forward to it or be very scared! Im such a big girl when it comes to getting messy, suppose id be willing to get involved but id like to know that when i wanted to stop it'd stop!! :shock:
Hi... :wave
ive posted some pics of "Holi 2005" on site...
They are not on photo album yet.....but go onto topic " Holi festival photos" on Goa forum ...tell me what you think :glynis
These kids enjoy it :lol: HOLI
Hi All... Holi was fantastic fun this year... We took down huge amount of 'colour' and shared it out to all the children and then quickly ducked for cover... One thing you must remember is to cover your camera with plastic, otherwsie you camera gets as coloured as some of the pictures it takes... I have uploaded 30 photos from this year...

Here's a sample, click the link below for more....

Let me know what you think of them... Has anyone else got any good photos to add from this year?
Fantastic Rob they all look so HAPPY
Love the photo's Rob, the little blue "Smurf" is so cute!! I wouldn't fancy the job of bathing them all before bedtime, I imagine there are still a few rainbow coloured kids running around now.
GFF xx
Hi Both,

Glad you liked the photos... It was a great day, and if you thought that boy looked like a smurf - wait till I put somne of the volunteer photos up!!! :o) A couple of our volunteers have multicoloured hair - should I have warned them - Nah! :o)
Yes i know all about the multi coloured hair!!!! I have that too!!!doesnt wash out!!! mine is bright pink!! :rofl

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