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Hi Claire,

Firstly welcome to HT and our forum. :grin

I would not be concerned, if there was a danger all airlines would stop going. Take advantage of the price before it goes back up. Sure our other members will share a view.

Where in Turkey are you looking at going?

You would like to think that airlines wont fly if there is a possibility of danger but that doesn't happen. There would be very few flights anywhere.If you want reassurances that Turkey will be safe then no-one can really give you that.
I think it is all down to how comfortable you will feel booking it.
Official govt advice here
You can see that they say there is a high threat from terrorism. The Uk terrorism threat is severe.
Holidays have become more difficult to decide upon these days aren't they?
Everyone will have a personal opinion on travel to any destination but the sensible thing to do is check OFFICIAL government advice.

For Turkey see here.

I see from your picture that you have a baby. The weather in Turkey in July could possibly have temperatures reaching over 40c. I don't know whether that would be too hot for a baby or very small child.
No possible about high temperatures in July; it'll easily exceed 40 and likely nearer 50 where away from sea breezes. Saying that with a sensible approach and gallons of water a day it is ok.
We went last year to Icmeler from late July and although hit hard by the post Brexit currency fall (yeah, thanks Phil Hammond) it was still good value. I'm aware that other resorts are more expensive though
Yes, that was not long after the troubles in Turkey, but at no point did that impinge on the holiday.

It might be personal choice but prefer the self catering / small hotel rather than large all inclusive. That way you meet the lovely Turkish people and their country.
Am booked in for late September this year and the prices are really good :-D

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