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Just checking for my sis before she flys out, and getting conflicting reports on what you are allowed to bring home cigarette wise. Even though they are in the EU, have read you are still only allowed 200 cigs etc.
Any info would be great,thanks.
*Edit removed link from Heathrow guide as duff info*

sorry about that caps lock was on you sister can bring back the same as from other eu countries the lower limits were removed on 1st january 2010 technically there are no limits to what she can bring back but she could be asked to prove they are for her own use. so to summarise that 3200 cigs 3 kilos rolling tobacco hope this helps
Ah thanks for that Mondeo. I too was getting conflicting amounts so though Heathrow was probably the best bet :duh
Cheers for the response, most helpful. Anyone just come back with up to date prices, would be great info (non smokers - don't bother !!)
Final question, what is the best currency to take ? Euro being poor as usual, Sterling better..
Hi Spike .

sorry just read your post the best currency to take is Clean unmarked Sterling notes by clean I mean not written on by the banks sometimes you have problems changing these the best place to change cash over there is either $tring excahange, Crown exchange or in a bank never on street as you will get ripped off. as to Cigs best place to buy is in the mercury supermarket, in Flower street which is just about opposite the Kuban hotel the price for the likes of superkings or Victory is 49 lev for 200 which depending on the rate of exchange is about £22 if you get a rate about 2.18 lev to the £ hope this helps also tell your sister to take a copy of the customs allowance with her as some tourists are being conned at the airport by the customs guys saying that the allowance is only 200 this is totally incorrect allowance is as I said in previous post
Hello all,
I am about to visit Bulgaria for the first time (Hotel & Apartments Garden of Eden Sveti Vlas) and also found all the information regarding fetching cigarettes back confusing. I have had confirmation from UK customs that the usual EU guidelines now apply. There are however many reports of the customs in Bulgaria still claiming that the Bulgarian 200 cigarette export law is still in force, despite it being abolished in Jan 2010, and confiscating cigarettes. Is there any official documentation anywhere that can be used to prove this to Bulgarian customs officials as the are evidently acting on the Bulgarian law, not the UK customs guidelines.
Also I note that an earlier poster has said that it is better to take Sterling. Is it better to take Sterling over levs exchanged in the UK? I can currently get an exchange rate of 2.17.
Any tips and advice about the accommodation and area would also be appreciated.
Looking forward to the trip.

Many thanks
Brian :cheers
Hi Manuman.

just read your post if you download a copy of the HMRC guidlines and take this with you it can help the other easier thing to do is what we do if you are bringing back your allowance of cigarettes we take a small wheeled suitcase suitable for hand luggage and on the way back we use this to carry only the cigarettes this means that they are with us at all times the only people who then are aware of them are when we pass through security and as this area is under surveillance they have no chance to take them off you as they would be caught on camera. also at present another tourist is being asked to forward all evidence of this happening to them so that this can be stopped and the culprits caught. as to taking sterling it has always been what we have done for the past 20 years ok sometimes you may lose out slightly on the change but if you lose 2 or 3 stotinka in the change then you only lose maybe on £500 about 10 lev but it usually works out that the rate over there is better than anything here, but remember only change either at Crwn exchange or at $tring exchange ,the only other safe places are banks.
We personally use the Bio CHim bank which is just next door to the police station without any problems hope this helps.

hi agin manuman .

sorry meant to say you will also find a branch of $tring exchange in St Vlas village just at the end of the main street furthest from the Square :whoops :whoops
Hi mondeo

Thank you for the advice
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as no doubt Mondeo will recall at our meet during June this year, make sure the cigarettes have the "Banderelo" on, (This being the offical hologrammed price ticket) customs have a right to take (and will) all tobacco products without this on, it means you have bought fakes and will not be allowed to be taken out of Bulgaria. Tonyt.
Thank you for your replies, they have been very helpful.

Thank you for your replies, they have been very helpful.

Hi Manuman.

as tony says watch out for the duty stickers on the packets but if you buy from Anna at the Mercury supermarket no problems all her tobacco products are duty paid only sells genuine never fake.

Allowance for cigs is 800 and tobacco is 2 cartons from 1st October, they say this is on a guideline
Hi Sue .

you are partially right if you read the latest from HMRC the allowance is still 3200 but is subject to you proving that they are for personal use and not for commercial purposes (resale or as in lieu of payment for some other service. if you have a look at HMRC leaflet regarding Reducing the minimum indicative levels of tobacco products. this explains who will be affected by it and who should not be. this should clarify the postition . :que :que
Hi Sue, like Mondeo says, 3,200 fags and 3 kilo rolling tobacco for the genuine holidaymaker who can satisfy Border Control they are for ones own use. What they are aiming at are the smugglers doing day trips across the Channel 2 0r three days a week. My inside information tells me they will be stopping and questioning everybody on certain flights and boats from France also the tunnel. But what amazes me, is that I came back from Holland a few days ago via Channel Tunnel and they have a new system in operation. You pass through French immigration then the British if you are on a coach, all off and walk through border control, when cleared you then have to go to shopping area to await call for Train(Shuttle)so you can go in Tax paid shop (old duty free) and buy what you want. some tobacco products are just over half of what you would pay in shops in Uk. so folks grab what you want, because you go to train after docking at Cheriton you are on the Motorway on the way home with no more checks. Tony

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