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For dutyfree allowances into Tunisia see info under topic Ciggies.
hi Dorra I looked at that site and it said 200 cigs.? and 400 grm tobacco? did I look at the right one http://www.traveldoc.com :?

Don't you know I just guess at web addresses. I cut and pasted the info directly across. But looking at it again - Guess what?

http://www.traveldocs.com/tn/customs.htm Do try this. Are you sure you weren't looking at into UK allowances.
Well I am not a smoker but did bring some back for a friend, my daughter doesn't smoke so used her allowance. i was talking about british ciggies as your not always sure what your getting on the other side.just wanted you not to get caught out like me paying dearer in the airport duty free.

If your not a smoker and don't drink you may consider getting whisky on the way over as its worth about £45 in tunisia so you could get a good trade in leather for a bottle.Whisky is very popular so well worth considering.

Thanks for that, it is interesting to know the 'legal' limits, though I have never seen anyone searched. I have always known that you are not supposed to take local currency in or out of Tunisia, but as I go out a couple of times a year I always bring TDN 10/20 back so that I have something to start me off next time. Some things seem quite odd, such as 1 still camera - why I wonder :? I can't see many of us struggling in with 1 litre of eau de toilette either :lol:
:shock: one camera is that all.
where did you get this info?
It is on the site mentioned by Dorra but it does seem odd. :roll: Incidentally, I should point out for legal reasons that although I admit to taking small amounts of currency in and out of Tunisia does not mean I recommend it. I have read warnings on here about people being searched, but it has never happened to me and I like to have a some cash available when I arrive for tips, drinks etc. :lol:
Hi Dorra well pardon me.! If you had given us the right http://www.traveldocs not traveldoc I may have found your version of duty free. But I must add if you look on Yahoo search duty free to tunisia you will find it states taking into tunisia 200 cig 8)
Dorra very kindly put up the web address on another site, and I've printed off the limitations they state. To save you looking it up, for entry into Tunisia it gives:

Tobacco: 400 cigarettes or 100 cigars or 500g tobacco
Liquor: 1 litre of spirits or 2 litres of alcoholic beverage
Perfume: 250ml of perfume; 1 litre of eau de toilette
Gifts: Duty free allowance up to TD 100
Cameras: 1 still camera (which seems very odd indeed) :?
Currency: Import/export of local currency prohibited

The fault is all mine. I am a bit slapdash about thinking I know the address without checking.

Now here's a quandary.

Duty-Free: The following goods may be imported into Tunisia by anyone, irrespective of age, without incurring customs duty:
200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 400g of tobacco; 1 bottle of alcoholic beverages; a reasonable quantity of perfume; gifts up to a value of TD100.

This came from http://www.archersdirect.co.uk and you are right there is a difference. As to which is correct I don't know. But I am going to try and find another source on the basis that 2 out of 3 is a reasonable bet. Will post here if I find anything. I swear that archersdirect address is correct. Where did you find your info?
It seems that there are more than one version of dutyfree allowances!

Brendat and I have both found conflicting info. This has been posted on ciggies topic. I am also checking to see if I can find something on a Tunisian site.
The story continues...


Visitors may bring in one litre of spirits, two litres of wine, 400 cigarettes (or 100 cigars), a quarter litre of perfume, and one litre of eau de toilette, gifts to the value of D100.

This comes from the visitors guide section of http://www.link2exports.co.uk
Which is correct? I know the address is cos I wrote it down. Pass. Maybe the next Tunisia bound travellers could check it out.
off to pek in september,would like to know about duty free's,where is the best place to buy them?gatwick airport?and what is the allowance for each person?
Tunisia is not an EU member state so the allowence is 200 cigs OR 50 cigars OR 250gr of rolling tobacco. 1 litre of spirits and 2 litres of wine.

Duty free at gatwick had 400 superkings for £35, the plane were selling them for £22. Also the plane had spirits 2 litres for £15

I couldnt get the cigerettes I wanted at PEK (they dont have a big choice) and I didnt think they were any cheaper then the plane
I was in Tunisia last month and bought some goods in duty free. I worked out that what I'd bought would cost me approx £53 but when I've now got my visa statement and it's been converted to Euros which means it's actually £80 :cry:
I feel like I've been royally ripped off. The bargains I thought I was getting aren't so much of a bargain now. My receipt says 122 dinar.
Is this usual??

In addition I was hassled by a guy waiting at the end of the tills who was watching our every move and then checking receipts against what was in the bags once you'd finished your transaction. When I was putting my purse back in my bag he asked me if I had a receipt for my sunglasses he could see in there. Cheeky whatsit took them out! I said that I didn't as I'd bought them in England (which I had) and that I'd noticed they didn't sell that make in their duty free. He then let me go.
I really wasn't impressed with this - no wonder there was a long queue....do they always do this?
Is not your visa company that have charged you for using your card abroad thats put the bill up ?
And ive never heard of them checking reciepts before :?
All thought they do follow you around in the soula centre in Sousse with is dam annoying ..
Hi Spiral,
My visa company doesn't charge for purchases abroad but before I rang them to query the Euro conversion I didn't want to make a fool of myself if, as a matter of course, visa transactions in Tunisia are converted to GBP from Euro, rather than dinars.
So if anyone knows, give me a shout.

Hi, when we got through the duty free at Monastir airport we are always stopped on the way out and our receipts are checked against what we have in our bags. They do this to everyone. This does cause a bit of a hold up but if you start to complain they can get a bit off with you so the best bet is to say nothing and let them do it!!!

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