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As with all these analysis of best / worst lists you have to look at the bigger picture , if Bradford and Belfast City airports passengers experience only 10 mins delay at the passenger levels they operate with how much worse would they be if they had the number of passengers that Gatwick have ? If you have a big operation even a very small problem anywhere will snowball quickly into a bigger problem because of the sheer volume you have to cope with , there is very little slack in the system to catch up .
Again with the massive differential in numbers regarding Easyjet and Aer Lingus in passengers numbers it's actually quite worrying that Aer Lingus are half as bad as Easyjet at delaying passengers .

We never have a problem with delays with Ryanair tbh.
I've been mainly lucky and never experienced any serious delays , on recent flights though from LGW we have all been ready on board and the Captain has been waiting for a slot to leave , the small amount of time has usually been made up though throughout the flight to get things back on schedule .

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