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I needed to book a hire car from girona airport and every site I tried was saying no availability or provisional booking subject to confirmation. the auto europe site was offering available cars so I booked one and received a voucher by email naming avis as the provider, I knew the avis site was only taking provisional bookings so I crossed my fingers.

there was a message left on my answering machine during the night from an american office of auto europe apologizing that the car I had booked was unavailable but they could get me an alternative from europcar could i please call them back toll free from the uk.

the person i spoke to was polite and efficient, the alternative car was more than adequate for our needs and i received a new email voucher whilst still talking to them on the phone.

they were a good company to deal with and i would recommend them.
We've always had good experiences with them too.

They are also very keen to price beat, no matter what the price difference- I always try to use them when I can. :tup

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