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if you are flying from jamaica back to uk are you allowed to bring the normal jamaican limits in drink etc back in and also the uk search restrictions are not the same there are they? ie having to have the plastic bags etc. thanks
Hi GREATOREX ... these hand luggage restrictions apply primarily, but not exclusively, to airports within EU member states. For example, some countries (such as South Africa and Australia) have introduced similar restrictions recently, and individual airports in other countries may impose their own security measures. It is important that you verify the situation on the relevant airport and airline websites.

If you are transferring flights within the EU or the UK on your return journey, special conditions also apply to transit passengers. Details can be found via the link in my signature below.

David :wave
Hi, can anyone tell me if I can pack hair straightners into my hand luggage. Need a speedy reply as am packing tomorrow.

Thanks in advance

Yes they can go in your hand luggage. The only restrictions are on liquids.

luci :wave
New security measures for travellers to Spain

As from Wednesday 13 June 2007, additional security measures are being introduced which, for the time being, apply only to passengers flying to Spain. For information and discussion about these new measures please click here.

David :wave
If I take a laptop with me is that classed as one item of hand luggage or can it be in a hold all with other items and taken out for scaning, or must it be in its own bag and classed as one item. A big confusing I know but need to know.
The rule is one piece of hand baggage (meeting the size limits) per person. Any large electrical items contained therein (including a laptop) must be removed prior to the scanner and scanned seperately. Whether it is a "proper" laptop bag or not, the restriction is the same.

Hi all
All this you can take this you can't take that gives you the headache. :roll:
Just a couple of queries, my son has a portable dvd player, will he have to take it out of his bag to be scanned? Will I have to take out my cd player(I don't have a MP3 yet!!) to be scanned. Is it ok to take cd/dvds in your bags in those special cases? Will my son be able to take toys, he has some little soldiers he likes to play with?
I have never been through Stansted before, whats the security like there, is it quick, we go a week on Saturday.

Thanks in advance
Hi Dawnie-Rob ... all of those items mentioned are fine in your hand luggage, providing that you do not exceed the maximum weight or dimensions permitted by your airline or airport. Electrical items may have to be removed from your hand baggage at security checks for separate screening.

David :wave
yes it does.
Hi, can phone/ battery chargers be taken on board in your hand luggage or not answer needed quickly as going early hours tomorrow morning and doing final packing.
No problem in hand luggage,my husband always has a backpack full of electronic bits and pieces( including chargers)when we travel. It's liquids that are the problem.
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Hi my son's off to Tenerife soon. Will he be allowed to take his mini I-pod and earphones in his hand luggage? and will there be a problem in using it on the plane? Thanks
He can take them as hand luggage and will be allowed to use them other than during take off and landing.
thanks for the quick reply wizard!

i was asking about the deodrants and stuff because i've already got them all! i usually put them in my case but i'm away to see if i can find anything on Glasgow Airport's website!
Leanne ... if you click on the link in my signature below, it will take you directly to the post in this thread which outlines current restrictions in full, including those on gels, deodorants and lighters.

David :wave
great! cheers David!
I need some nformation and help with regard of sorts duty free, but not from airport but from local supermarkets

Some colleagues in work, are looking for me to bring back some drink, mainly vodka, but nothing we cant buy at home, want to try something local from the country.

And currently the total I would bring back would be 3 bottles, and because it is glass I am warry about placing in suitcase, plus weight allowance is near 20kgs.

I have a funny feeling these wont be allowed with hand luggage, but if allowed it will only be from Italy to manchester, and then thats where we have the problem

I would assume this is a general problem with hoilday makers bringing back items from holiday, and surely this resticts what you might see and want to buy, but have to buy from the airport
The only liquids allowed through security in your hand luggage prior to airside shopping would be those in containers of 100mls or less. All larger bottles would need to go in hold luggage.

David :wave
Ok, i have a question. My 5 year old son has his own mini suitcase, its very small. Only thing is, it has one of these big handles that come up for him to pull it along, if you know what i mean. Now, when the handle is IN the suitcase is less than the 56cm allowed, however, when its OUT, its about 61cm tall. So is it allowed in the cabin? Its just a wee thomas bag? We go to Bulgaria on Monday.

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