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Kindly don't rub it in Paul. It's blooming chilly here today. :roll:
dont know where you are but been really windy on the south coast this weekend
I'm in Essex, not far from Southend and it's not a bit summery, though somewhat better than last weekend when we went camping!!
Its now less than 2 weeks till holiday! First time in Tunisia staying at Riu Imperial Marhaba.
Found great website with few Tunisian words, always like to learn a little of the basics before I go. Got most words ie hello' goodbye' please and thank you. Can someone help with The pronunciation though?

Aslemma- is it as or az, lemma or leema
Min fathlik ?
Lebes- is it leebes or le-bees or le-bes

Any help much appreciated as want to show my appreciation in local dialect

Hi Wayne, The Tunisians will be impressed by any attempt you make to speak the language but aslemma is pronounced exactly as it looks 'as lemma'..Min fathlic is pronounced 'min fahtlik' (long a) and; le bes not lee bees.
Shokran Aslemma. I will try my best with the language. Silly question but do all Tunisians speak Tunisian or do many use Arabic more these days especially the younger generation?
I think most of them use the Tunisian version in everyday life but they can speak classic Arabic as well, so if you've got a classic Arabic phrase book it won't be wasted. An ex-pat friend told me that when the children start school they are only allowed to use classic Arabic in the hearing of their teachers. If you haven't already found it, we do have quite a lot of words and phrases on here.
now only 7 sleeps getting excited
Hi Paul, I've just checked through your earlier posts and see that you've not made any reference to Ramadan, which starts around 9th July and may therefore impinge slightly on the latter part of your holiday. The main things to bear in mind is that although cafes etc. will normally be open as usual during the day you may be asked to eat inside, rather than outside in full view of the fasting natives. All hotels will have service as normal, including the sale of alcohol, but you will almost certainly not be able to buy alcohol outside the hotels and few, if any, of the supermarkets will sell it, so you may wish to stock up at the duty-free, or even in the local supermarkets at the beginning of your holiday, if you want to enjoy a drink on your balcony. You may also find a shortage of taxis for a while just after sunset, when the drivers all go home to break the fast.

None of these things need cause problems for the tourists but 'forewarned is forearmed'. I'm sure you'll have a great holiday and look forward to reading your report on your return. :sun2
its finally here we fly tomorrow at 9.30 from gatwick and Aslemma we are not really bothered to much by ramadam as we really only to stay in the hotel and relax and maybe enjoys a few of the activities on offer
Have a good flight and a great holiday Paul. We look forward to reading your impressions on your return.
Iberostar Averroes in Yasmine Hamammet on the 1st of September.Can't wait. I hope the weather is good at that time of year and the mozzies aren't too playful!
Weather should be great then Dave, not quite so hot as it's been recently which may be a bonus. Have a great time. I suggest you arm yourself with some Anthisan cream in case the mozzies decide you are flavour of the month.
Hi Aslemma.
It's got to be warmer than the last time we were there in Nov 2007.As far as I'm aware it was the coldest weather they'd had in a long time! lol
I'm planning on taking plenty of potions & lotions just in case!
Take care

I'm planning on taking plenty of potions & lotions just in case!

I'm usually prepared for most eventualities. I remember sitting in a hotel talking to another lady, also called Pat, when someone else came up and said "Pat" - we both looked up and said 'Yes?" and she replied "I mean Pat the chemist. " :rofl
on for booking 18th oct for 9 night not sure whether to go to kanta in PEK or Rossa Beach nr skanes

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