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This is one that every group I have ever seen on holiday seem to be play. Had a laugh at some of the translations - the song has had quite a few interpretations.
This one I remember from my misspent youth. Think it was Ibiza
And last for now- how many have been to Spain and actually never heard this one? Most of us who have heard it, wish we hadn't!!
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Yes , Hotel California is interesting , I think it was played on constant loop at a hotel we stayed in at Taba in Egypt , I did start to feel like we were " prisoners here of our own device " and " you can check out anytime you like , but you can never leave " that tune did stay embedded in my mind for weeks !! Perhaps a tune that has always stayed with me everytime I hear it is Rick Astleys " never gonna give you up " it was no 1 in 87 the first holiday abroad with my mate to Lloret del Mar . Also laugh when I hear livin next door to Alice and it reminds me of a crazy Spanish waiter and his ad libs to the lyrics involving an English swear word :tut
Nearly band in Cuba seems to have their version of Chan Chan in their repertoire but this still has to be the best version and is one of tracks that first fired up my interest in Cuban music and especially Son.

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Many artists cover this song, but the old crooner Julio does it best ... La Gota Fria ( the cold drop)

Many years ago we were staying in a hotel in Spain and the hotel's resident duo sang this song. In between going on the stage I told her that I liked it and we got talking. She became one of my close Spanish friends...Whenever I hear this song, chose who is singing it, I will always associate it with her.

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Nick beat me to it.. Ketchup song.
Ahh. should have read Fionas's instructions:- theres a youtube embed button in the forum at the top of the posting box. you can see it before you press "post". You can delete my other effort if you like. :-D
this reminds me of Tunisia ...

  • Edited by Frank 2017-03-15 15:46:11
    forgot to post what it reminds me of..
We have gone to the same campsite in France every year since 2010 apart from 2012 and this is the song I listen to (and sing along to) on my drives to the supermarket every year. My girls and I also sing it as we drive down the A1 to my dad's in the summer.
  • Edited by Fiona 2017-03-20 00:54:08
You have just reminded me of my first ever holidays. Mum and dad would take us to different Butlins camps. We always sang this holiday on the way there in the car. Very happy memories.

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