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hiya we are going to hollywell bay in newquay in aug this year, has anyone been before? it sounds nice but wondered if entertainment at night was alright, there is 2 adults and 2 kids, 12 and 6. 6 yr od dd loves mini disco, i presume they have that on. any help gratfull y recieved
Hi, Holywell Bay is lovely...went there a few years ago when my son was only 2 and had a great time. There is a clubhouse and although we didn't use it there was entertainment on and the usual kids disco's, etc. There's a nice outdoor pool and you're only a short walk away from the beach, it really is a lovely location. You are also very well situated for Newquay with it's various beaches and also Perranporth isn't far either. It's a really convenient base and I'm sure you'll have a great time, I'd go back without hesitation!
thanks for that sounds like we will have a great time. i suppose id better practise my agadoo and macerana moves for mini disco!!!
:( :( well im beginning to wonder if ive made the right choice going to hollywell bay, as i was hoping for some more comments on the place, but ive only had one!! has any one else been? i wondered what the site was like? ive been told that we are in caraavan 146 which i have been told is in the quiet area of park, i dont mind that, does any one know if the vans are really close together ie look out of your window straight into next doors, is there a big club for night time entertainment, or is it quite small, is it clean and tidy with friendly helpful staff? is hte entertainment good, do they have acts coming in or is it all just park staff doing it all, any more views or opinions would be more than gratful as we are going very soon and im not looking forward to it at all, is there anyone who can reassure me!!!
anyone , anywhere, please respond, it cant be that bad there, can it?
Hi, did you mention in another thread that you'd been before or am I getting confused with someone else?
yeah we did go for a couple of nights 6 yrs ago, but it through it down and we hardly went out of the van, suppose thats why we want to give it a 2md try
I really don't think you should worry, I'm sure you'll have a great time. The space between the vans from what I remember is about the norm with enough room to park your car between the vans. Although I didn't watch the entertainment here I've visited several Parkdean sites since where I have and would assume it's similar. They have Millie, Maxi and Multi for the kids and shows either done by the inhouse entertainers or sometimes outside entertainers. The entertainment at the sites I've been to has varied from ok to great so I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. Just look forward to it...I would be if I was going there again. Can't believe that no one else has replied to you. Surely there must be another HT member out there that's been :que
No not been
but the campsite will have to adhere to local council rules on van spacing (not sure what Newquays is) I do know the spacing for Touring vans as it's national but Statics are different
only 11 days before we go and iv not had much feedback of people, hope its good there and the weather turns out better
Hi,we went to Trevornick holiday park,is this where you are going?

We had fantastic weather,we were camping,didn't really use the clubhouse,but used the pool lots and the children,2x11yr old and 1x7 yr old enjoyed the park and funfair.We usually go abroad but enjoyed this holiday a lot. Hope you do too!!
hi oscarben, no we are going to holywell bay holiday park, but its close to trevornik isnt it? weve heard weather reports that its going to be nice when we go, we intend ot spend most of it on crantock beach, lets hope its a gud un
hi,Cooperloian,we're off to Newquay on 31st,we will be staying with my daughter who lives there,we're only going til monday but are leaving our 14yr old with them for another week.Rachel and Craig have 15 AND 11 YR OLD and they all love to surf,I'm not sure which beach they use.The weather should be good for us too ,then!!!
well jsut got baack from holywell bay holiday park, and apart from the weather, out of 2 weeks we only had 6 good days to go on hte beach, it was really good, the caravan was in a great location right at hte far end by the campers. kids loved it, youngeset really loved hte surfrider club at night with the entertainers, she even got choosen to be in the grease show after auditions. staff very friendly and helpful. very tame birds and rabbits that come to your caravan to eat your left overs, and there is a mother duck and her ducklings that use the pool every night while it is closed, really enjoyd it and would consider going back, the only odwn fall was the torential rain, if i had guarenteed sunshine id be there every year, aprt form next year we are going to egypt, how differnt can you get. anyway highly recommended, give it a go sometime.

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