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I book direct with an airline and book direct on hotel website / or direct with a villa owner .i sometimes " package" on car hire or a hotel with the airline .i think the airlines have become good at doing this and seem to offer good discounts , I'm going to Jersey soon for a 2 night break and if I booked the flights then the hotel separately via the hotels website ( which was still cheaper than booking . Com , it cost more than booking it all through the airline , and it's easy to manage it all . I also booked flights last year for Lanzarote when they were a good price and added 7 nights car hire and the package price worked out less than just flights and no need to pay in full until 5 weeks before departure . I feel an OTA or traditional high street agent is doing no more than I can do , but I would consider using an specialist agent for a complicated itinerary . I prefer being in control of what I want or choose rather than having a middleman and the commission they need / take .
I use Skyscanner for my flights then go direct to the airlines website.

As we generally book private accommodation I may use holidaylettings or owners direct. Holidaylettings charge a fee however so we've recently booked direct with the owner as got their details.

Car hire. In Fuerteventura we book direct with Pluscar.

If however I'm having a break with my friend, I'll use somewhere like travel republic or, for accommodation, but still book flights separately.
Hi Glynis , sometimes I hire a car separately , I always use Autoreisen , they also do hire in Fuerteventura , have a look at their prices for comparison ? I do think car hire is quite cheap in the canaries and local companies do seem to be good and very fair with t&cs and no hidden extras .
I have to admit that for our long haul holidays we do book a package holiday, we do not just go for the cheapest and accept what is on offer
with that we look for something that suits us and tailor it as much as
possible to our requirements,

Short haul to European destinations we do almost always book it all fully DIY with our own flights, accommodation etc.

Our reasoning for this is that we do like the security that a package
gives us on a long haul trip. Should something go wrong you have the
security on a package that you will have accommodation and get home
without having to start trying to sort it all out yourself, in some
destinations it is hard to even get internet access let alone sort out a
major problem. At least in Europe it is very easy to sort out return
flights back to UK with very little hassle and quit cheaply from most

Some might remember the collapse of what at the time was a very large
charter / scheduled airline operator, XL Airways. When they collapsed
they had around 90,000 passengers stranded abroad in 50 different
destinations, 63,000 of those passengers were on a package and were
repatriated without any cost to them, this left some 27,000 passengers
abroad who had to try and find flights and also pay for them and any
associated costs.

We had a holiday booked which happened to be a package due to the
specific location which involved ferries and other odd transport
requirements and as it was a package, when XL collapsed we received a
full refund again due to that little bit of extra security.

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