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Brilliant! I knew we'd get there if we got the words right. And nice to see a company actually accept they
pay rather than insist they shouldn't but are making a "goodwill payment" just to patronise you before they give up.
What great news!! I bet that is a weight off your mind? Hope your mum is and remains well.
well done, i'm so pleased for you all. Hope all goes well for your mum
Margaret(madmum) :tup
Glad to hear of a (relatively) happy ending... pity that TA didn't see it that way...

well done.persistance pays, and whether it is a one-off or a full admission does not really matter as you got a result.
Excellent news Darren really pleased that it has worked out, hope everything goes well with your mum :tup
the TA post slagging us off was removed in the night, as were all others by the author. He didn't like the advice I gave him, and when a few others agreed with me he went off saying we were all dishonest travel agents not interested in helping people.
Excellent news Darren am so pleased with the result. :tup

Give our best wishes to your mam :kiss
Thank you all for your kind words, I will read them out to mum.
I too have been following this thread. Really pleased that everything has worked out. Can I just say how impressed I am with the caring and knowlegable advice that has been given to Airbag on this thread? Congratulations to all of you.
Just got back from Kenya - what can I say - GREAT NEWS !!! :tup All the best to your Mum. :)
I've also been keeping up with this thread and am so thrilled it has ended successfully. You've had so much advice from others which must have helped you. I know what it's like when cancer is involved your memory goes blank but I hope everything goes well for your mum. I'm sure she'll be happy hearing the good news.

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